WUTHERING HEIGHTS brings news from the studio.

Danske Wuthering Heights avslørte tidligere i høst at de var tilbake i studio, ikke for å spille inn nytt album som PowerMetal.no først antok, men for å finpusse tidligere utgivelser og for å spille inn én ny sang.

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Nå er bandet klare med nye oppdateringer fra studio.

We are currently putting the final touches on the Wuthering Heights remasters. A few final details and we’re ready to go. The old albums have never sounded better, thanks to audio wizard Jacob Hansen. I suspect we will start releasing early in the new year. Expect lots of bonus goodies from the archives!

Also, Patrik is getting ready to record the last of his vocals for the ”new old” songs soon. And a few songs on my solo album are almost complete. So things are happening, even in the damp and cold of Scandinavian Winter.

Mer informasjon om hva man kan vente seg, og litt om historien til Wuthering Heights, kan leses i intervjuet PowerMetal.no gjorde med grunnlegger Erik Ravn i oktober.

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I have never stated that we are working on a new album, I guess people are reading too much into my statements. But I take it to mean that people still care about the band. I’m really sorry this is causing so much confusion as I hate to disappoint the fans. Really, the fans are the reason I’m still doing this. The new stuff we’re working on is the bonus material for the reissues, and this include some re-recorded tracks and a new track. But of course, it also adds to the confusion that I’ve said I’m working on a solo album. And that is a fact. That album is written and mostly recorded. But it’s not a WH album, although it should hopefully appeal to most WH fans. –Erik Ravn



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