Vocalist Jesse Onur Oz has resigned from SILENT KNIGHT.

Jesse Onur Oz har vært vokalist i australske SILENT KNIGHT siden 2014 og har i den perioden gitt ut 2 studioalbum og 2 EP-er. Nå melder vokalisten at hans tid i bandet er over. Grunnen til avgangen er hans mentale tilstand som ikke gjør at han lenger klarer å bidra til bandet.

Les hans uttalelse her:

A statement from Jesse
Since a long while I have not been in a good place and this weekend just topped it off to a point where after all those years of pain and sacrifice, I felt I cannot continue anymore and it turns out, I am not able to attend to international headliner in Indonesia, Bugger.. so sad..
With great regret, I resigned from Silent Knight to find myself once again.

I am wishing all the best to my brothers in arms. I am confident and I know they have no trouble moving forward, I would be even more depressed without live metal especially power metal in my life, I don’t know how will I move forward at this point, I don’t know if I can ever get so lucky to find such power metal band again. Nevertheless, it’s not fair to hold them back due to my downward spiralling state of mind at the moment.

I want to return back to my own originals in my own pace and maybe continue Edforce1 too. A bit uncertainty surrounds my head at the moment.

Cameron Nicholas and Stu McGill, thank you for bearing with me all these years. I want you to become a real big band as you deserve and make me proud as I’ve busted my ass all these years together with you to be where we are today. I do not take what you have given me for granted and I hope the same exists for you.

All the best and keep going forward!

Jesse Onur Oz

SILENT KNIGHT, som nå består av bassist Cameron Daw, trommeslager Paul Wrigley, gitarist Cam Nicholas og gitarist Stu McGill, ønsker å takke Oz for jobben og innsatsen i løpet de 5 årene. Jesse Onur Oz debuterte på EP-en Power Metal Supreme (2014). Året etter ga de ut studioalbumet Conquer & Command (2015), mens de i 2017 slapp både EP-en The Angel Reborn og albumet The Masterplan. Oz siste bidrag var på singelen «Dethrone Tyranny«, som ble utgitt i 2019.

The band would like to thank Jesse for the efforts and sacrifices he has made to help us get to this point. Jesse came in at a tough time and helped propel us forward with his enthusiasm and willingness to be part of the team. He is definitely a favourite among the fans and has left his mark with great performances on 2 albums, 2 EPs and singles.

It wasn’t an easy job but we are proud of what we achieved together. We have forged memories and a history that can’t be taken away so we thank you again for everything mate. All the best with the future and Im sure we’ll cross paths and share a stage again

Top photo: Pete Gardner Photography


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