Twilight Force’s third creation is complete.

Twilight Force melder på sin Facebook-side det kommende albumet er ferdig innspilt. Svenskene, med nyervervede Alessandro Conti (Trick Or Treat) på vokal, har siden høsten 2018 jobbet med det som blir bandets tredje fullengder.

Knights, battlemages, wizards, rogues and wayfarers! Hear ye, hear ye!! The day is finally upon us! Our third creation is hereby completed!!
After aeons of great strife we have finally, albeit weatherworn and battle-scarred, emerged victorious. We have faced unspeakable terrors and seemingly insurmountable hardships on our quest towards the fulfillment of this third prophecy, and the furnaces of The Twilight Forge have required exceptionally potent magic to be kept burning. But finally we stand united, our hearts filled with pride and joy, and our eyes gazing towards distant horizons and endless future adventures.

Twilight Force har tidligere gitt ut albumene Tales Of Ancient Prophecies (2014) og Heroes Of Mighty Magic (2016). Vokalist på disse albumene var Christian Eriksson (NorthTale), som forlot bandet i 2017. Dette var nok noe av grunnen til at det nye albumet har drøyd såpass lenge. Les mer om dette i intervjuet gjorde med Twilight Force i fjor høst.

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Mer informasjon om Twilight Forces tredje studioalbum kommer.

We shall bring you word of further details on the 3rd Opus of Twilight Force as soon as the Book of Time allows. Thank you all for your unwavering patience! We hope for your continued allegiance and loyalty in the battles to come! Together, we shall conquer and unite!!

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