Twilight Force to release new studio album on August 16th.

Twilight Force kommer med sitt tredje studioalbum, Dawn Of The Dragonstar, 16. august 2019.

Silent shadows have been reigning over the lands of the Twilight Kingdoms for a while for some very special reason… Diligent dwarves, eager elves, mighty mages and the entire realm has been dutifully gathering resources over the past few months in support of Swedish adventure metallers Twilight Force crafting their new opus Dawn Of The Dragonstar

Albumet ble spilt inn i bandets eget studio, Twilight Forge, og inneholder 10 helt nye låter. Samtidig vil dette være albumet hvor vi får høre den nye vokalisten, Allyon (Allessandro Conti), for første gang.

Once again recorded in the group’s own Twilight Forge, the album will not only present ten new stories to their loyal Knights Of Twilight’s Might, but also introduce the companions’ new minnesinger, Allyon, who was called upon by the prophecies to join the fellowship in 2018.

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Bandet selv kommer med denne kommentaren:

Lo and behold! We are beyond elated to finally unveil the third opus of TWILIGHT FORCE: »Dawn Of The Dragonstar«. The absolutely magnificent artwork by the mighty Kerem Beyit once again brilliantly captures the adventurous and magical world of the Twilight Kingdoms; and a sparkling adventure it shall be indeed. »Dawn Of The Dragonstar« will be unleashed upon the realm of the living on August 16th, so we humbly ask for your patience for just a little while longer. In the meantime, practice your battle cries, sharpen your swords, and dust off your spell tomes. Make sure you are prepared to join and experience our triptych adventure.

Mer informasjon om albumet vil komme etter hvert.

Twilight Force er bekreftet til disse festivalene i sommer:

12.07. CZ Vizovice – Masters of Rock
15. – 17.08. D Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze
14. – 21.10. E Mallorca – Full Metal Holiday

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