TWILIGHT FORCE announce split with drummer De’Azsh.

Av personlige årsaker har trommeslager De’Azsh (Daniel Sjögren, også i Bloodbound) bestemt seg for å slutte i TWILIGHT FORCE. De’Azsh har vært medlem i bandet siden 2014 og har bidratt på bandets to siste album.

It is with heavy hearts and solemnity that we hereby announce the departure of our dear friend, mighty comrade, and devourer of souls De’Azsh from Twilight Force.

Det er ingen dramatikk bak avgjørelsen og bandet ønsker De’Azsh lykke til videre i karrieren.

We will of course remain good friends in the future, and there are no qualms or hard feelings in any way, shape, or form. Life (be it earthly or ethereal) sometimes shifts unpredictably, albeit wonderfully, and we give De’Azsh our full support and understanding in his choices.

De’Azsh at The Rock Fest (Photo: Toni Salminen for

De’Azsh har denne kommentaren:

Soooo….it is with a heavy heart and very mixed feelings I announce that my journey with Twilight Force has come to an end. I feel like my quest is completed and it’s time to explore new worlds. I’ll leave the soul seeking to my future successor who in time shall reveal his (its?) name and presence.

Lastly I want to make clear (if there were any doubts) that there are no hard feelings whatsoever between me and the band or its members. This decision is mine and it’s made based on many different changes in my personal life. I wish Twilight Force all the best, all the glory there is to be found, and I’m sure that they will stand victorious for all eternity!

TWILIGHT FORCE har allerede hentet inn en erstatter bak trommene; svenske Isak Olsson. Han vil få sin debut når bandet skal spille i Japan tidlig neste år.

The spirit, existence, and performances of De’Azsh shall henceforth live on unaltered in the Twilight Kingdoms in the shape of our new drummer, known throughout the human realms as ‘Isak Olsson’. He is a fervent, young and incredibly skilled musician from Falun, originating not far from the birthplace of Twilight Force. After meticulous trials, Isak proved his ineffable skills to the Triumvirate of the Arch-Wizards; and his talent, friendliness, persona, and ambitions made him a perfect fit among our ranks.

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