It’s been a month since we could read that Twilight Force was working on their third album, and that more details would follow «as soon as the prophecies would allow». Well, couldn’t wait that long! So, here are som more details from the band itself.

It’s been two years since Twilight Force’s last album, and since then you’ve changed vocalist. How is that affecting the approach towards the forthcoming album?

TF: The possibilities with a new vocalist have proven to be monumental, and there really has not been any need to change our approach to writing or spell making in that respect.

Alessandro [Conti] had a proven history of infinitely great accomplishments on the battlefield even before he joined our ranks, so we already had a fairly good idea of his potential when our work on his vocal elements commenced. And we can confidently proclaim that he exceeded even our own expectations.

How did you end up with Alessandro Conti, and how was the search for a new vocalist?

TF: The search was indeed a difficult one, albeit thorough. There were many competent and talented vocal performers who showed interest in joining Twilight Force, something of which we are very grateful. But as fate would have it, the stars aligned just in time for Alessandro to be available as well as eager to join our adventures. Our paths had also crossed on earlier occasions while on tour through kingdoms far and wide, hence he was already a familiar face and a jolly acquaintance. The good folk of Nuclear Blast then helped us reconnect with Alessandro when it became known that his former brother-in-arms, Luca Turilli, would cease the current activities of his own Rhapsody project. Something which left Alessandro open to new endeavors and quests.

Is Conti a permanent and fulltime member of the band?

TF: Unequivocally!

How long have you been working on the forthcoming album? When was the first music and lyrics written?

TF: The first cautious steps towards our third opus was actually taken many moons ago; not long after the release of Heroes Of Mighty Magic [2016]. But it has since been a long and onerous journey, with many and intricate side quests to complete along the path. Which is why the months have turned into years. But, finally, the time is nigh. We are now working fiercely to complete and amass the prophecies and scrolls into a third and glorious codex.

So, how is the work with the new album going? 

TF: All is going well. As previously mentioned, it is an exhausting journey indeed, but also an exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling one. Our main task at hand is now to assemble the myriad of fragments to the puzzle before us. All the ideas and foundations are laid out, but as they say, the «Dragons is in the Details». So, we have now begun the process of bringing all these countless elements together, to form a final item of immense power. A process which requires endless hours and intricate incantations indeed.

How is it to be working with an Italian vocalist? Nothing wrong with Italians, but regarding the distance; does he travel to Sweden to record?

TF: The dragons are swift and reliable. Distance is of little concern in this day and age. Dragons and Town Portal Scrolls are equally efficient in times of need.

How would you describe the music on this new record? Are you following the Twilight Force path, or do you have something new up your sleeve?

TF: It is rather difficult to convey in words alone. But according to the prophecies, one can vaguely extrapolate that our third incarnation could very well become the unifying force in the then trinity of our creations. 

The simplicity, lightheartedness and brusqueness of Tales Of Ancient Prophecies [2014] coalesces gloriously with the intricacies and multi-faceted elegance of Heroes Of Mighty Magic, to form a multidimensional unity of impactful magical shimmer.

What is the timeline towards the new album? And when will we get some more news?

TF: As soon as the prophecies allow, we will definitely share as much information as elvishly possible. At this point, we can only reveal whatever little the legends may whisper. The actual day of unleashing is somewhat beyond our power, once the completed opus has left our grasp. But we know from experience that it requires some moons of conjuring before actually materializing in the mortal realms.

The number of chapters in this particular third Codex is rumored to be in the vicinity of a binary nature. Somewhat vague news we’re afraid, alas it is all the knowledge we can share at the moment.

And maybe you could pass on a question to Alessandro Conti, whether he could share some news about the forthcoming Trick Or Treat album?

TF: Alessandro proclaims: «The new album is almost complete. We will record at the beginning of 2019. Musically it will probably be our fastest and most technical album. But there will be something completely new, a sort of experiment, under the marketing and distribution side. I cannot say much more, but it will be fun!»

Thanks for your time! 

TF: Thank you! And may the power of the dragon guide you.

  1. I am very grateful and happy with the words that Twilight Force give us about their new adventures. The magnificence of his next album will be a masterpiece in Power Metal.

    Greetings from Chile.

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