Drummer Manuel Appel decides to leave ELVENPATH.

Etter fem år i bandet har trommeslager Manuel Appel bestemt seg for å forlate Elvenpath. Det skal ikke ligge noe dramatikk bak avgjørelsen.

After more than five years behind the Elvenkit, Manuel decided to pursue different things in life.
We’re going our separate ways on the best of terms. Together we recorded two great albums, traveled half of Europe, played more than 70 shows and met so many great fans. These memories will never perish.
We wish Manuel all the best!

Manuel Appel

Appel, som i løpet av årene i bandet bidro på to album, har denne kommentaren:

Dear friends of Elvenpath,
to my great regret I made the difficult decision to leave the band. This happens for personal reasons, I simply lost the strength and the drive to continue playing cool, heavy power metal music at the moment. I would like to thank my cool bandmates Cris, Dragutin, Oli and Till! The past five years have been great and rich in experience. I also want to thank everyone who helped the band and me, Vero, Conny and Tanja on the merch, Markus, Philipp and Eric on drums and especially Michl for his help!
Thanks to all the musicians who shared the stage with us, to the technicians and promoters and of course to all our fans!
Yours Abbl.

Elvenpath ble dannet i 2001 og debuterte i 2004 med albumet Gateways. Bandets femte, og seneste album, The Path Of The Dark King, ble utgitt i 2019.



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