TRICK OR TREAT release second single from upcoming album Creepy Symphonies.

Italienske Trick Or Treat, med vokalist Alessandro Conti (Twilight Force), har sluppet sin andre singel fra det kommende albumet Creepy Symphonies som slippes 1. april på Scarlet Records.

TRICK OR TREAT has released a video for the song ‘Escape from Reality‘ – second single taken from the new album ‘Creepy Symphonies’, set to be released on April 1st.

Creepy Symphonies er bandets 7. studioalbum og blir beskrevet som deres mest modne utgivelse noensinne.

‘Creepy Symphonies’ is the most mature Trick Or Treat work ever, and their definitive happy metal manifesto. In between speed metal lethal bullets, intense and heartful power ballads and even a monumental 12-minute closing suite, we may find the much-needed antidote against a world taking itself way too seriously. 

Trick Or Treat – Creepy Symphonies (artwork: Alessandro Conti)


  1. Trick Or Treat
  2. Creepy Symphony
  3. Have A Nice Judgment Day
  4. Crazy
  5. Peter Pan Syndrome (Keep Alive)
  6. Escape From Reality
  7. Falling Over The Rainbow
  8. Queen Of Likes
  9. April
  10. The Power Of Grayskull
Trick Or Treat

Trick Or Treat består av vokalist Alle Conti, gitarist Guido Benedetti, gitarist Luca Venturelli, bassist Leone Villani Conti, og trommeslager Luca Setti.


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