TRAGUL founder with first solo album; features vocalists known from Avanatasia and Primal Fear.

ADRIAN BENEGAS, grunnlegger av det internasjonale metal-prosjektet TRAGUL, jobber for tiden med sitt første soloalbum. Nå kan han avsløre at både Primal Fear-vokalist RALF SCHEEPERS og HERBIE LANGHANS, kjent fra blant annet Avantasia, Voodoo Circle og Radiant, skal synge på albumet.

As some of you may know, I am working on a parallel project (besides TRAGUL), in which I have the honour to have the amazing vocals of the legendary singer RALF SCHEEPERS from Primal Fear! My debut single is called «Servants of the Death» and besides the great voice of Ralf Scheepers, it features the heavy riffs of Diego Bogarín, also from Tragul and the power of the paraguayan drummer Seba Ramírez!

I utgangspunktet hadde BENEGAS tenkt å gi ut én låt (som han pleier med TRAGUL), men etter utviklet det hele seg til ni sanger og et helt album.

I am more than happy to announce that my solo project took an important turn, quite positive. As you know, a few months ago I started working on this, and prepared everything to release a single during June, however, I decided to wait a little longer because the universe conspire on my side and today I can say that I am working on a full album with 9 songs, my first album!

I tillegg til RALF SCHEEPERS er det nå også klart at HERBIE LANGHANS sil synge på albumet.

Today I can announce with all the pleasure and happiness possible that the great Herbie Langhans, singer from Radiant/Avantasia/Voodoo Circle joined my solo album!

As I announced, this album will contain 9 songs and unlike TRAGUL, this project is heavier, darker and more orchestral, you will see.

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