Sweden: the land of «köttbullar», Zlatan and power metal. Maybe something more, but this sums it up quite well. Anyway, here we don’t write about food or football, so let’s focus on the latter. In this interview PowerMetal.no had a chat with Tomas Svedin from Symphony Of Tragedy! Yes, from Sweden of course.

First of all: could you give me a short introduction to the band?

Thomas: Symphony Of Tragedy was founded by me in 2010 and has since then been a one-man band. The idea for this band came to me around 1999; I wanted to start a Power Metal Opera project, but back then I had no idea how to get in touch with artists or even how to record my tracks. So, I started recording cover songs with various artists such as Lars Palmqvist from Scar Symmetry, LG Persson from The Storyteller, Yannis Papadopoulos from Beast In Black etc. Playing covers has always been fun, but I always wanted to compose original tracks. Symphonic power metal has always been my go-to genre since I was young, so to compose tracks in that style is a no-brainer for me.

Symphony Of Tragedy has so far released three singles/EP’s. How has the response been, and how do you promote the band?

Thomas: Our latest EP, Heroes Of The World, is the first EP with original tracks, which I wrote together with Tommy Johansson (ReinXeed, Sabaton) and the guys from Veonity. The response has been nothing but good. I get emails almost every day from people all around the globe asking (or demanding rather) that we release new material soon. I haven’t been promoting my band at all actually; it has never been my goal to get famous or to make money out of my music. I do it because I love it, and our fans are our promoters.

Symphony Of Tragedy are an unsigned band. Are you looking for a record label, or are you satisfied with the situation as it is?

Thomas: Yes, we are indeed unsigned and I prefer it that way. Of course it would help to spread the word about Symphony Of Tragedy if we had a label to support us, but right now I’m more than satisfied with the situation.

I know you are planning to record some tracks during this winter, and maybe an album after that. Are the songs ready, and what is the situation with the debut album?

Thomas: I have been thinking of recording a concept album for almost a year now and I think it’s time to make it happen. Sometime during the winter I will gather with Tommy to start writing new material. The only thing that is stopping me is my writers block and the fact that I prefer to sit in the same room as the one I’m writing music with, which isn’t easy since my buddy Tommy is quite busy touring with Sabaton.

I must ask: what is it about Sweden and power metal? In Norway, power metal is truly an underground genre, but in Sweden there are a bunch of  great bands! That must be quite inspirational?

Thomas: It is inspirational, but it also causes performance anxiety, haha! There are so many good power metal bands from Sweden and it’s hard to keep up with them. If you want to, you will find 2-3 new power metal bands every day that you haven’t heard of – from Sweden of course.

What are the plans and hopes for the future with Symphony Of Tragedy?

Thomas: The plans for Symphony Of Tragedy is to keep on giving the world power metal in its purest form. The focus right now is to get an full length album ready for 2019 and what happens after that we’ll see.

What about concerts? Are that part of the plan?

Thomas: It would be fun to go on a smaller tour with Symphony Of Tragedy but I really can’t see that happening in the near future due to the lack of  full-time members.


We are looking forward to the next release from Symphony Of Tragedy, and let’s hope it’s a full length album!

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