TIMO TOLKKI’s first two solo albums, Classical Variations And Themes and Hymn To Life, are now available on all digital platforms.

De to første soloalbumene til Timo Tolkki, Classical Variations And Themes (1994) og Hymn To Life (2002),  er nå tilgjengelig digitalt for første gang. Albumene, som lenge har vært utsolgt, er to av Tolkkis mest emosjonelle og inspirerende album, hvor sistnevnte omhandler Tolkkis far som tok sitt eget liv.

The first two solo albums from ex-Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki — Classical Variations And Themes(1994) and Hymn To Life (2002) — have finally been made available on all digital platforms. These out-of-print albums contain some of Tolkki’s most emotional and inspired work.

Hymn To Life is a very personal record, with Tolkki chronicling on several songs his feelings towards his father (who committed suicide when Timo was a young boy). The album also features guest vocal performances from Michael Kiske (Helloween) on “Key To The Universe” and Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) on “Are You The One?”, with Timo handling lead vocals on all the remaining tracks of this diverse release.

Timo Tolkki skriver for tiden på sitt fjerde Avalon-album, samtidig som han er i sluttfasen på debutalbumet til sitt nye band Infinite Vision.

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Tolkki is currently writing and demoing songs for the fourth Avalon album, as well as finishing writing songs for the debut album of his new band, Infinite Visions (who will be including an updated version of “Fire Dance Suite” on the release, with Jorge Segersbol handling vocals).

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