Former POWER QUEST bassist Paul Finnie has passed away.

Bassist i POWER QUEST i perioden 2009-2018, Paul Finnie, døde natt til mandag, kun 44 år. Dødsårsaken var hjerteinfarkt.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the tragic news of the passing of former Power Quest bassist Paul Finnie.

Paul was playing a show at the Robin 2 in Bilston on Sunday night with his Def Leppard tribute band “Hysteria”, and after the show Paul suffered a fatal heart attack. He was just 44 years old.

Paul Finnie (photo: Blazing Metal Photography)

Paul Finnie bidro på albumene Blood Alliance (2011) og Sixth Dimension (2017), samt EP-en Face The Raven (2016).

Bandleder Steve Williams har denne kommentaren:

I’m absolutely devastated to hear this news. Paul’s mother phoned me on Monday night to inform me of what had happened and I’ve been in a state of shock since to be honest. I didn’t want to write anything too soon out of respect for the family so I’ve waited until I was given the green light before putting pen to paper, so to speak.

Steve Williams og Paul Finnie har kjent hverandre i 25 år og har mange minner fra tiden sammen.

Paul and I go way back and, thinking about it, we must have been friends for 25 years. For me personally he was always the voice of sanity and clarity. Whenever something was getting on top of me and I needed advice or just a shoulder to lean on, Paul was always there. Whether it was in our capacity as band mates or as friends it didn’t matter to Paul. He was always available no matter what the time or situation and it was always very much appreciated

It’s been my privilege to have known Paul for over half of my life. To share a stage with him and travel the world together fulfilling those dreams that we talked about so many years ago but most importantly to call him my friend. They don’t make them like him anymore and that mould has well and truly been cast aside long ago.

I have so many memories and stories to look back on from our adventures together and it’s just so hard to believe that we won’t be adding any further chapters to that particular saga.


As a tribute to Paul, we will be dedicating the Neverworld show in November to his memory.

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