On February 8th Thornbridge will release their second studio album called Theatrical Masterpiece, and then they will support Rhapsody Of Fire on their upcoming tour. PowerMetal.no had a small chat with the band about the new album and what is truth and what is fiction.

Congratulations with your new album, “Theatrical Masterpiece”! Let’s start off with the title of the album; what does the title imply?

Thornbridge: The title tells the story of a psychopathic executioner who wants to stage a play in which the condemned are the actors. his own personal theatrical masterpiece.

While talking about the title and the meaning behind it, as I guess relates to the overall topic of the album; what can you tell me about the topics that the albums deals with?

Thornbridge: Basically, the topics are torture, oppression and inquisition. Except «Revelation», that’s about the judgement day and “Set the sails”.

You released a single just before Christmas, “Theatrical Masterpiece”, about a “psychologically conspicuous hangman”. You asked on Facebook if it is truth or fiction? Well, is it?

Thornbridge: I don’t know, maybe. I think as an executioner you always have to be a little bit psychopathic.

How did you end up with that topic; is there a personal interest behind it, or was it just random?

Thornbridge: We had already indicated the topic in the previous album. I thought, why not write an entire album about it.

How did the topic inspire or affect the songwriting? Did you have to do a lot of research?

Thornbridge: Not at all. All lyrics are fictional and the last step at the songwriting.

And what about musically; did the topic inspire or affect the music?

Thornbridge: The music was already finished before we thought about any topics.

We must also talk some about the guest musicians on this album. We have both Andy B. Frank of Brainstorm and Roberto De Micheli of Rhapsody Of Fire. How did they end up on this album?

Thornbridge: That was the idea of Seeb [Sebastian «Seeb» Levermann, Orden Ogan] and me. We thought about who fits our album. Brainstorm and ROF recorded their new albums at his studio too and so we asked Andy and Roberto if they would do the guest parts. They did!

Thornbridge was formed in 2008 and released its debut album, “What Will Prevail”, in 2016. How has the band evolved since that release?

Thornbridge: We had a lot to do privately, that’s why the music was a bit behind. But I think you still hear a significant step forward.

When the band was formed, who were your musical influences and have that changed during the years?

Thornbridge: Helloween, Blind Guardian and Running Wild. Maybe it could change in the future. We just do what we feel like doing.

The upcoming album will be released February 8. What are the plans afterwards regarding promoting?

Thornbridge: I think a tour would be the next big step and perfect for the new album. And then album No.3 of course!

Edit: after this interview was taken, Thornbridge has been chosen to suppert Rhapsody Of Fire on the upcoming The Eight Mountain Tour!


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