THE UNITY, feat. GAMMA RAY and PRIMAL FEAR members, announce new album; first single is out.

The Unity, som er aktuell som support på Rhapsody Of Fires kommende turné, annonserer i dag nytt album. Pride er tittelen på tyskernes tredje studioalbum, som slippes 13. mars.

Today is a special day for us as our brand new song «We Don´t Need Them Here» is released as the first single/video from our upcoming new album PRIDE. The album will be released on March, 13th as 2-CD, 2-LP and Boxset!

Første smakebit fra albumet er singelen «We Don’t Need Them Here«.

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  1. The New Pandora
  2. Hands Of Time
  3. Line And Sinker
  4. We Don’t Need Them Here
  5. Destination Unknown
  6. Angel Of Dawn
  7. Damn Nation
  8. Wave Of Fear
  9. Guess How I Hate This
  10. Scenery Of Hate
  11. Rusty Cadillac
  12. You Don’t Walk Alone

The Unity ble dannet i 2016 av Gamma Ray-medlemmene Michael Ehré (Primal Fear) på trommer og gitarist Henjo Richter (ex-Avantasia).



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