Tsjekkiske Symphonity annonserte i fjor høst at bandet hadde skilt veier med sine to vokalister, Olaf Hayer og Herbie Langhans. I samme åndedrag ble Antonio Abate presentert som bandets nye vokalist, og nå er andre vokalist på plass.

Symphonity announce second vocalist.

Symphonity har holdt det gående siden 2006 og gitt ut to album, Voice From The Silence (2008) og King Of Persia (2016), som begge betegnes som meget habile utgivelser innen den klassiske power metalen.

I tillegg til to gode utgivelser er bandet kanskje like kjent for sine to vokalister, Olaf Hayer (ex-Luca Turilli, ex-Dionysus) og Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Voodo Circle, ex-Seventh Avenue, ex-Sinbreed).

Men, i fjor høst ble det altså klart at både Hayer og Langhans var ute av bandet. Hayer har dessverre måtte trappe ned sin virksomhet grunnet problemer med stemmen, mens Langans ble for opptatt med andre prosjekter. I et intervju med PowerMetal.no forklarte Libor Krivak (gitarist og grunnlegger) avgangen slik:

With Olaf it is a sad story because, as I said before, he was somewhat of an ideal singer for me and besides that he is a very nice guy too. But unfortunately, there was not a chance to continue with him in the near future. I hope his condition will get better, but as a band we need to move forward. Herbie is a different story. He is a very busy man! Besides Avantasia, he joined Voodoo Circle and now he has also started his new band called Radiant with former members of Seventh Avenue. Because of all these activities he couldn’t accept the offer to be a full-time singer. So, I had to look for a completely new singer.

Samtidig som det ble kjent at bandets to vokalister var ute, ble Antonio Abate (Perseus) presentert som arvtager. Om han sier Krivak dette:

His name is Antonio Abate and he lives in Brindisi, Italy. I found him on the Internet, something that is common these days. After a short e-mail communication, I went to Slovakia to see him on stage with his Italian band called Perseus. A few months later Antonio flew to the Czech Republic to rehears with Symphonity and we then agreed that he would join the band as a follower of Olaf Hayer. Antonio has a clean voice with wide vocal range, and he can reach the higher notes easily! So the fans of this kind of metal singing will be satisfied, I hope.

Symphonity, som nesten alltid har hatt to vokalister, kan nå avsløre den andre vokalisten. Han heter Mayo Petranin og har tidligere sunget i Signum Regis.

Symphonity had two singers for the most of the time in the past and there is no reason to change it. Since Antonio Abate replaced Olaf Hayer as we posted some time ago, now is the time to announce that Mayo Petranin (ex-Signum Regis) joined the band to replace Herbie Langhans.

Om Petranin sier Krivak dette:

I have known Mayo for many years, he´s a nice and kind person and very good singer of course. It´s great that we can work together now.

Nå består Symphonity av Radim Večeřa (trommer), Antonio Abate (vokal), Tomáš Sklenář (bass), Mayo Petranin (vokal) og Libor Křivák (gitar).

Om planene for fremtiden sier Krivak dette:

First of all, we want to play some gigs next year since our last album, King Of Persia, had no live support at all. Of course we will play some songs from the first album too, so it will be something like a best of set list. During next year I also want to complete the material for the next album, and then enter the studio for recordings.

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