It’s been four years since Falconer released their eight, and up to now last, studio album. Will there be a ninth album? had talk with founder Stefan Weinerhall about the future and the past of Falconer.

Before he started up Falconer, Stefan Weinerhall played in a black metal band called Mithotyn. That band was active from 1993-1999, releasing three studio albums, the last one in 1999 (Gathered Around The Oaken Table). A year later, Falconer released a demo, and a year after that, in 2001, Falconer’s debut album was released.

Why did you decide to start up Falconer? What’s the story behind the band, and why the change in genre?

Stefan: The reason was that I barely listened to black/death metal myself, and I wanted to play the same music that I appreciated. And for me that is folk, prog, power metal, heavy metal, rock and lieder. At one point I didn’t think that the Mithotyn songs added anything, and I wanted to use the songs as an additional instrument.

The vocals was one, of many, things that made Falconer stick out from the rest. Someone has called the hiring of Mathias Blad on vocals a genius move. And as far as I know, Mathias had no relationship or knowledge of the genre – he wasn’t even a fan of the music. Can you tell me how you ended up with Mathias as the vocalist, and how you managed to persuade him?

Stefan: Yes, that’s correct. Mathias didn’t know anything about metal music. At the same time I knew that there wasn’t any good metal vocalist nearby where I lived that I wanted to use. So, when I heard about Mathias I thought that he probably managed to sing the right tones so that the melodies gets right. The fact that it wouldn’t sound as «metal» was not so important. And after the demo was recorded I thought that it fitted really well; the music and the vocals. It sounded odd, but good!

It didn’t take long before the Falconer name spread among the fans. How did you experience the years with Falconer? The band became popular, but never among the biggest… What is the reason for that you believe?

Stefan: We did receive really good reviews and we sold a decent amount of records, even though we never promoted our records and we barely played live. It was never a desire for me to play live when we first started. Mathias was occupied With musicals and theater, and he couldn’t take time off from work to play for free at festivals or a tour. But I really do believe that we could have become a bigger band if we had spent some more time and money spreading the Falconer name.

That being said, I don’t regret anything. I’m not a fan of playing live and hit the wrong notes. I rather prefer to sit home and write new songs, instead of playing the same old song over and over again. It’s the creative I like.

You have mentioned it, but could you elaborate around the fact that Falconer and touring was a bad match?

Stefan: When we got the taste of playing abroad and on large festivals (which I do actually enjoy), it became challenging to combine the live shows with Mathias’s job. Musicals and theaters happens to be played in the weekends – the same as music festivals. So, for Mathias to choose between a paid job at the theatre or to sing for free at a music festival… It wasn’t too difficult to understand Mathias choice.

Could you say something about the songwriting and where you find inspiration?

Stefan: I have always been an introvert type of person, and I do enjoy being at home and create songs and lyrics in my head. I have always been interested in history, and I guess that people see me as a daydreamer, who likes to think about the past and imagine how people used to live, how the world was etc.
Songwriting for me is personal; something you do without other people’s ears and opinions. Too write music together with the whole band in a rehearsal studio is really not for me.  

Since the debut in 2001, Falconer has released eight studio albums. How do you look at the development of the band – and what is your favorite album?

Stefan: The first two albums received most attention and had most impact. After that we changed vocalist and partial the sound for two albums, something that didn’t get well received among the fans. When Mathias returned for our fifth album [Northwind, 2006], we fell back to the good old sound and the previous recipe.

For me, Northwind and Black Moon Rising [2014] are the strongest albums. The weakest one I think is Sceptre Of Deception [2003]. During the making of that album I wasn’t 100% focused on the quality, and at the same time we had a new vocalist in Kristoffer [Göbel] who was a bit insecure about his new role as the lead singer. 

And now what? Is Falconer a closed chapter, or is there a new Falconer album in the making?

Stefan: We did never end Falconer, but the band has been slumbering since the last live show back in 2015. I am writing on new songs, and hopefully there will be a new record in 2020.

And who will be singing on that album?

Stefan: Mathias is our vocalist – for now and forever.

  1. Wondering when as we are already on the middle of the year one could say,hopefully after Summer or at its latest on the road to winter.

    The expectations for the new 2020 record are high that I must say,the band has always been my favourite of the genre and perhaps among the top of all times.

    Waking up with a falconer song,to my ringtone on my ol’ mobile as well as spending evenings dancing/enjoining the absolute miracle that are Weinerhall’s songs.

    Cheers to the future of a most priced band!

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