STAMINA founder and guitarist LUCA SELLITTO will release debut solo album in December.

STAMINA-gitarist LUCA SELLITTO debuterer som soloartist i desember med albumet The Voice Within. Albumet blir musikalsk beskrevet som neoklassisk power metal.

“The Voice Within” is a neoclassical power metal album, composed and produced by Luca Sellitto, therefore his first solo album.


1. Second To None
2. Land Of The Vikings
3. Étude (Instrumental)
4. What If?
5. Shadows Of Love
6. The Champion’s Code (Instrumental)
7. Into The Light
8. Tearful Goodbye (Instrumental)

Luca Sellitto

Albumet har blitt mikset og mastret av Fabio Calluori og Luca Sellitto ved Sonic Temple Studio.

Til dette albumet har Luca Sellitto fått med seg en rekke kjente musikere og vokalister.

With this record, Sellitto’s intention is both to pay his personal tribute and bring new life to this old subgenre of heavy metal. For this purpose, the guitarist decided to join forces with some of his favourite singers and musicians, who are among the best performers in the neoclassical/power metal realm.

Patrick Johansson: Drums (ex Yngwie Malmsteen; Impellitteri; V.Moore)
Svante Henryson: Bass and Cello (ex Yngwie Malmsteen; Joey Tempest)
Göran Edman: Vocals on track 2 (ex Yngwie Malmsteen; John Norum)
Henrik Brockmann: Vocals on track 4 (ex Royal Hunt; Evil Masquerade)
Rob Lundgren: Vocals on tracks 1,5 and 7 (The Mentalist)
Luca Sellitto: Guitars and Keyboards (Stamina)


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