SINNER’S BLOOD announce debut album The Mirror Star.

Sinner’s Blood fra Chile slipper debutalbumet The Mirror Star 9. oktober via Frontiers Music. Nå er første singel, «Kill Or Die«, ute.

Sinner’s Blood is a powerful new melodic metal band from Chile featuring a soon to be household name in James Robledo on lead vocals and producer and multi-instrumentalist Nasson (Chaos Magic) crafting the songs and playing guitar. Their debut album, “The Mirror Star” is a must hear for fans of epic, powerful, heavy metal. Frontiers Music srl will release the album on October 9, 2020. Their debut single and music video, ‘Kill Or Die’ is out now.

Sinner’s Blood – The Mirror Star (Artwork: Stan W Decker)


  1. Phoenix Rise
  2. The Hunting
  3. Awakening
  4. Forever
  5. Kill Or Die
  6. Who I Am
  7. The Path Of Fear
  8. Remember Me
  9. The Mirror
  10. Never Resting Soul
  11. Never Again

Sinner’s Blood består av vokalist James Robledo, gitarist og keyboardist Nasson, bassist Nicolas Fischer og trommeslager Guillermo Pereira.



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