Shadowrise vocalist Laura Guldemond replace Seraina Telli as the new vocalist in Burning Witches.

Av personlige grunner har Seraina Telli har forlatt Burning Witches.

Dear friends, for personal reasons and after much deliberation I’ve decided to fully dedicate myself to my band Dead Venus and to leave the band Burning Witches.

Seraina Telli (photo: Artur Tarcza Tarczymil)

Seraina Telli har vært vokalist i Burning Witches siden oppstarten i 2015 og har med bandet gitt ut to album. Nå ønsker hun å bruke mer tid på sitt eget bandprosjekt; Dead Venus, som slipper sitt debutalbum Bird Of Paradise senere i år.

For the last four years I have had an incredible journey but I feel now that is the time to explore the challenge my own project is offering me. My debut album of Dead Venus titled Bird of Paradise will be released later this year. So my life remains exciting!

Burning Witches-gitarist Romana Kalkuhl synes det er trist at Telli har forlatt bandet, men sier samtidig at dette absolutt ikke er slutten på Burning Witches:

For us as a band it is important now to look into the new challenges and the new record – the show must go on!

Burning Witches er allerede i gang med album nummer 3, og vil samtidig slippe en helt ny sang denne uken for å introdusere deres nye vokalist Laura Guldemond.

The band will move on with all upcoming concerts and is working on album no3 already. We also have the good news that we have decided to give the fans a special teaser and appreciation in the shape of a new song that we will release this week to debut Laura!

Om den nye vokalisten, sier Romana Kalkuhl dette:

We are super thrilled that we have found Laura so quick over our Dutch connection Sonia. We know it is impossible to replace a great voice in exact the same way, that is why Laura is the perfect choice for us. She will bring in her own strength and personality into the WITCHES! We will not change the identity of the band, we will continue playing the music we love!

Laura Guldemond (photo: Albert Jolen)

Laura Guldemond, som også er vokalist i nederlandske Shadowrise, ser fram til de nye utfordringene:

Dear Burning Witches fans of the world, I am really excited and know I have big shoes to fill! I want to thank you that you give me this opportunity and the Burning Witches for their trust and the warm welcome they gave me into their sisterhood!

Men selv om Guldemond har tatt på seg nye oppgaver i Burning Witches, betyr ikke det at hun har forlatt Shadowrise:

Of course this doesn’t mean I’m leaving Shadowrise. In the Shadows we are working on new material and when the time comes we will step into the light to bring our metal to you!

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