Gitarist Andreas Zeidler har forlatt Tyske Scanner etter elleve år i bandet. Inn kommer Ted Hetfield, kjent fra blant annet Wicked Disciple og tidligere Black Messiah.

Ted Hetfield is Scanner’s new guitarist after Andreas Zeidler leaves the band due to personal reasons.

Tyske Scanner har holdt det gående siden 1986 og så langt gitt ut seks album. Det siste, The Judgement, ble gitt ut i 2015.

Nå melder bandet at deres gitarist gjennom elleve år, Andreas Zeidler, har bestemt seg for å forlate Scanner.

After over eleven intensive years our guitarist Andreas Zeidler is leaving the band for personal reasons. We cannot thank Andreas enough for his commitment and all the great and special moments we shared during this long time and would like to expressly thank him for his commitment. We respect his decision, while at the same time we regret his departure and wish him the very best in his private life.

Andreas Zeidler (Photo: Ursula Deja)

Zeidler blir erstattet av Ted Hetfield.

Andreas is replaced by Ted Hetfield on the guitar.
We are very happy that we have found a superb guitarist and extremely talented musician in Ted (Wicked Disciple, and ex- Black Messiah), that fit perfectly within our band.
We are looking forward to play lots of shows in the next years with Ted.

Ted Hetfield (Photo Credit: David Chebbi / Editing: Ursula Deja)


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