Saint Deamon signs with Ram It Down Records; new album to be released in 2019.

Svensk/norske Saint Deamon er tilbake. 10 år etter bandets andre studioalbum, Pandeamonium, har Saint Deamon, som består av både nåværende og tidligere medlemmer av Dionysus og Highland Glory, spilt inn sitt nyeste album. Noen eksakt utgivelsesdato er ikke satt enda, men albumet er ventet i 2019.

Ten years after their latest release, Pandeamonium, the band consisting of former/current Dionysus- and Highland Glory members, has just finished works on their new album which will be released in 2019.

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Bassist Nobby Noberg har denne kommentaren:

Finally!! With persistence and unquenchable will- we crossed oceans of challenges, and at last- found our «safe haven». We can’t wait to release this new album, which we have worked on since a long time. All we can say that we are beyond proud and want every Saint Deamon fan to hear the new material as soon as possible.

Saint Deamon ble dannet av tidligere Dionysus-trommis Ronny Millianovicz i 2006. Lineupen ble komplett med vokalist Jan Thore Grefstad (ex-Highland Glory), gitarist Toya Johansson og bassist Nobby Noberg (ex-Dionysus). Debutalbumet, In Shadows Lost From The Brave, ble sluppet i 2008.


I et intervju med hadde Toya Johansson dette å si om det nye albumet:

So, on this new album I have written all the music and Jan Thore is the man behind all the lyrics. That being said; listeners will hear a slightly different sound compared to the first two albums where many songwriters were involved. I am very inspired by the musical sound of epic movies, and I think it will show.


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