PRETTY MAIDS vocalist Ronnie Atkins diagnosed with lung cancer.

PRETTY MAIDS-vokalist Ronnie Atkins har blitt diagnostisert med lungekreft. Dette betyr at bandet, som snart er aktuell med sitt 16. studioalbum Undress Your Madness (8. november), må kansellere alle kommende konserter fram til januar 2020.

Our brother Ronnie has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer…

This means we will have to cancel all shows announced until the end of January 2020 and we’re all sorry for the inconvenience that might bring.

Read also: PRETTY MAIDS will release their new album, Undress Your Madness, in November.

Les Ronnie Atkins personlige uttalelse nedenfor.

Read personal statement from Ronnie Atkins in the Facebook post below:

We are sorry to announce these bad newsOur brother Ronnie has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer…This means we…

Publisert av Pretty Maids Lørdag 5. oktober 2019

Top photo: Kevin Nixon

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