RISEN PROPHECY have released the new album Voices From The Dust along with second single.

Engelske RISEN PROPHECY slapp sitt tredje studioalbum, Voices From The Dust, i går via Metal On Metal Records.

Risen Prophecy from UK straddle a fine line between thrash and US power metal. Their 3rd album brings more extremity to their sound as well as a stronger sense of melody.

Artwork illustrated from the imagination of Dan Goldsworthy


1. Summoning Whispers
2. The Flames Of Consummation
3. Eternity In Script
4. The Waters
5. Contemplation
6. The Tower In Shinar
7. The Eye Of Hades
8. Vengeance From Above
9. The Ancient Curse
10. Unveiling
11. Voices From The Dust

Buy the album here.

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