RHAPSODY OF FIRE working on new album hopefully to be released early next year.

I et intervju med Loud And Proud snakker vokalist Giacomo Voli om arbeidet med det neste Rhapsody Of Fire-albumet.

This year we will record the new album and probably start already in the summer. At the end of the tour I will start working on the lyrics with Roby De Micheli because some songs are already in the pre-production phase so they can be released in the spring of next year. As for the development of the saga, we will continue to narrate the events of this strange protagonist who was able to get out of hell thanks to the Nephilim. There are many possible ways and we will see what will happen. –Giacomo Voli

Read the whole interview here.

Rhapsody Of Fire «debuterte» med vokalist Giacomo Voli i 2019 da de slapp albumet The Eight Mountain.

Giacomo Voli



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