Remch Carrayrou has put Kerion on hold because of his new project, Gates Of Paris, featuring members from SoulSpell, Adagio, Heavenly and Fairyland. And as the name suggests; Gates Of Paris is all about Paris – both musically and textual.

First of all: what made you start up your own project? Is Kerion on a break, or is this just something you want to do that don’t fit with what Kerion does?

Remch: This project doesn’t fit at all with Kerion’s music. And yes; Kerion is on a break right now because I’m very busy with Gates Of Paris.

For how long have you been working on this project? When did the idea behind this project first come into your mind?

Remch: Two years ago, I think, after having released Kerion’s last album, CloudRiders Part 2: Technowars [2015], what was a big project with the recording process and the following tour. At that time I started to think about this new project with the incredible voice of Rapha Dantas [SoulSpell] in mind.

Can you tell me some about the story and the lyrics in this project? I know that the album takes you on a journey through Paris; how have you worked with the lyrics?

Remch: Chris Barberi has written all the lyrics. We worked together to try to find a mythical place of Paris. And after that, Chris began with the lyrics and I started on the music. I have worked with Chris before, on Kerion albums, and it was really great to continue the collaboration with this project. The city of Paris inspired us a lot, and we wanted to tell the story of Paris during the 19th century.

With this project you have a lot of well-known guest musicians. What can you tell me about that?

Remch: Yes, the idea was to have only French guitarists as guests. And I think we have chosen the best ones, talking about Stéphan Forté from Adagio and Olivier Lapauze from Heavenly. Regarding the vocals; I just love Rapha’s voice, so he is the lead vocalist! Phil Giordana from Fairyland helped us give power to the songs with wonderful choirs. The lyrical parts are made by Anaé Petrichor from Adrana.

The album is quite diverse musically, with a lot of different elements and genres, like folk music, gypsy music and other elements. What are the idea behind that?

Remch: For this project I wanted to mix a lot of the styles I personally love and that I listen to. So, the gypsy music is inspired by Django Reinhardt, the classical elements by Berlioz and Chopin, and so on. And of course, in each song you can find a reference to a French artist. I also think that Rapha was really happy to use his voice in another universe, but metal is not that far away!

Review: Gates Of Paris – Gates Of Paris

How does the music collaborate with the lyrics? Does the lyrics define what type of music that is suitable?

Remch: A little bit. But I wanted to be free with the music too. So, it’s half true, hehe!

When listening to the album I really feel that I’m in a story. I guess that’s the goal?

Remch: For sure! But it’s not a concept album like I have done with Kerion. You can listen to every song in the order you like, but there is a unity with the album: the concept, the story, the sound… It’s an adventure through old Paris.

What are the future plans with this project?

Remch: We can’t wait to hear what the fans has to say! And we want to tour, but Rapha is in Brazil, Damien in Los Angeles, Steph and I are in Nice… So, we have to find the right opportunity. If the fans like this project, then maybe we will write the next album where the story takes place in a different city.

What about Kerion? Will there be a new album?

Remch: I’m thinking about it! There are some ideas, but at the moment I only think about Gates Of Paris!


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