Ralf Scheepers talks about his career, his voice, and what it takes to become a heavy metal singer in the podcast Good Job Podcast, hosted by Beth Roars.

PowerMetal.no har tidligere skrevet om sangpedagog Beth Roars, hvor hun i flere videoer har analysert vokalprestasjonene til blant annet Ralf Scheepers og Roy Khan.

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Nå har Beth Roars startet opp en ny podcast kalt Good Job Podcast, hvor hun snakker med profesjonelle musikere og vokalister om deres karriere, utvikling og utfordringer. I episode 3, Humility And Heavy Metal, er gjesten ingen ringere enn Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray).

Ralf Scheepers – Singer from Gamma Ray and Primal Fear, talks to Beth Roars, the host of the Good Job Podcast about developing his talent and remaining humble. Ralf opens up about ways he has supported himself early in his career, how his voice and the music industry have changed over the years, and what it takes to become a heavy metal singer.

Ralf Scheepers får blant annet spørsmål om han fortsatt blir nervøs før en konsert:

Five minutes before the show, there is this healthy thing of nervousness that you really have to have to be focused in the end. So, the cocktail of adrenaline and the nervousness you have is just really healthy to do a good show.

På spørsmål om hvordan han har klart å utvikle stemmen, sier Scheepers dette:

Whenever you say, ‘Well, I’m satisfied. I’ll keep it (voice) that way,’ then maybe you should retire.

Good Job With Beth Roars & Ralf Scheepers: Humility and Heavy Metal kan streames både på Spotify og iTunes.

iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/good-job-with-beth-roars/id1466215210

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2LHc6htOREYSA3SGhvNipW?si=mq-dMVL4S9yMQ1uad_S51g

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