The POWER METAL highlights of 2019.

A recap of the year 2019


VISION DIVINE announce comeback and signs with Scarlet Records. In October the band releases their eight studio album, When All The Heroes Are Dead – the first in 7 years and the first with vocalist Ivan Giannini and drummer Mike Terrana.

BLIND GUARDIAN releases the long awaited orchestral album Legacy Of The Dark Lands.

Luca Turilli and Fabio Lione reunites in TURILLI / LIONE RHAPSODY and releases debut album, Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution), via Nuclear Blast.

DEMONS & WIZARDS announce comeback and third studio album, III.

REINXEED changes name to MAJESTICA and announce new album.


The return of DANIEL HEIMAN.

METAL DE FACTO promises to «make power metal great again» – and delivers.

HELLOWEEN reveal that the Pumpkins United will continue and that a new album, featuring KAI HANSEN and MICHAEL KISKE, will be released in 2020.

ANDRE MATOS (R.I.P.) reunites with AVANTASIA.

As we all know ANDRE MATOS died only four days later.

NANOWAR OF STEEL releases «the ultimate summer wannabe-metal-hit» (with some help from

The new supergroup, NORTHTALE, releases debut album.

TIMO TOLKKI announce new band, INFINITE VISION (but not with TIMO KOTIPELTO…).

KIUAS announce comeback and changes name to DAIMONIC.

ALTARIA returned as well.

And SAINT DEAMON returned with the first album in 10 years.

DREAMTALE enters the studio, releases new single, then part ways with three members. A few months later a new line-up is in place and the band enters the studio once again.

MAGIC KINGDOM announce FABIO LIONE as the new vocalist. After a few months he is replaced by MICHAEL VESCERA.

TWILIGHT FORCE releases first album with ALESSANDRO CONTI.

ROLAND GRAPOW reveal that there is a new MASTERPLAN album in the making.


And congratulations to FREEDOM CALL who celebrated 20th anniversary with a new album and tour, AXXIS who celebrated 30th anniversary, WIZARD who marked 30th anniversary, and SOULHEALER with 10th anniversary.



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