In September interviewed Pasi Humppi about the upcoming Freternia album. And it was during the recording of that album Reborn was born, when Patrik von Porat of Freternia teamed up with Joahnnes Nyberg, vocalist of Zonata. Now the first single is out, and had a small chat with Patrik about his new band.

First of all, what was Johannes Nyberg’s role during the Freternia recording?

Patrik: Johannes Nyberg did background vocals and some guest appearance on the upcoming Freternia album.

Patrik von Porat

At what time did you understand that there was a new band in the making? What made you bring that to the table?

Patrik: To be honest I was completely blown away by Johannes performance and knew that I had to collaborate with him in some way. We are from the same small city and have been playing metal for over 20 years so it’s strange that we haven’t met before. Anyway, I called Johannes about a week after our first encounter and said «Hey, we have to meet. Give me your address and have the coffee ready!»


So, it wasn’t like you both had ideas that you originally intended to use on the Freternia album, but it was «rejected», and you and Nyberg wanted to use it anyway?

Patrik: No everything is written from scratch. The sound and identity of Reborn differs quite a bit from Freternia. That is something that we wanted to make sure from the start. We wanted to bring something fresh to the table and I think that we managed to create our own unique ID. Of course, there will always be some similarities since both me and Nicklas play in Freternia and have our playing style, like some people will probably hear some influences from Zonata due to Johannes. 

Now Reborn consists of you, Johannes Nyberg on vocals, and Nicklas, who I guess is your brother, on bass. I know you are searching for a drummer, how is that going? And are you looking for more members?

Patrik: Yes, Nicklas is my brother so I knew that he would fit in the band. It’s important to have a good group dynamic. Johannes is also playing all keys on the album. In fact, we have several songs on the album where Johannes performance on the keyboard is insane. Regarding drummer and other members, we are talking with a few people, nothing decided yet.

You have released one single, «Witchery». What can you tell me about that song; why was that chosen as the single?

Patrik: It’s a very straight forward in your face kind of metal song. The music is written by both Johannes and me, and I wrote the lyrics. It’s about a character called the Witchdoctor who practices voodoo and plays guitar with supernatural powers, has shrunken zombie heads hanging from his guitar.

Reborn was formed in January 2018, and I know you have written and recorded around 30 songs already. It seems that the songwriting process has worked out fine?

Patrik: Yeah, the songwriting process has been insane. We started with one song and within 2 days we had written and recorded 3 songs. Usually it takes me weeks or sometimes months to write a single song so this was a completely new experience for me. We have a full-length album recorded that is being mixed and mastered by Plec at the Panic Room. Furthermore, we have another 20 tracks that is written and pre-produced for future use.

What can you say about the timeline regarding album release and singles?

Patrik: This is a tricky one to answer. We have not contacted any record labels yet since we are in no rush. The thrill and satisfaction has been to create awesome music. We will contact some labels and see what kind of response we get. If they show no interest we will just release it ourselves on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and the other platforms.

How would you describe Reborn; is it a project or a band?

Patrik: For the moment, I would have to say that it’s a project since we don’t have a full lineup. It depends on how things evolve and the reactions. We love to create music and also perform it. For me personally Reborn is a great way to write music without any compromises and to work with Johannes is an amazing experience.

And one final question regarding Freternia: what is the latest news regarding the upcoming album?

Patrik: All I can tell you is that there are a lot of exciting things going on with Freternia right now and we are super stoked about it! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything yet. So please keep an eye out on Freternia’s social media channels for upcoming news!

Interview: Pasi Humppi (Freternia)


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