Can you name one power metal band from Iceland? No? Okay, here you go: Paladin! A rare breed indeed, but having released two demos the band really show they have something good going on. And they are hungry! For world domination and – cake!

Congratulations with your second demo! I must say, it sounds very promising. Would you say that the song «Way Of Kings» is a good representation of Paladin musically?

Paladin: Thank you! It’s hard to say since we are still such a young band. «Way Of Kings» was one of the first songs we wrote, some of our other stuff might step a bit more out of the traditional power style.

For those who haven’t heard the two demos you’ve released: how would you describe your music?

Paladin: Serious power metal that doesn’t take itself too seriously!

There isn’t much info on your Facebook page, other than the fact you are from Iceland. Is there anything else you want to add?

Paladin: We have a long and very confusing history of playing in many different bands together over the years. Just to give a slight hint of the complexity, four members of Paladin are currently playing in another band called Diamond Thunder which is a glam metal cover band. 

Paladin started just as most of the other bands we have formed; over some beers at a friends house, and the ball kinda just started rolling from there. The main difference being some are playing new instruments.

You have so far released two demo songs: what are the plans for the near future? Is there an album in the making? If so: how is that going?

Paladin: It’s going ok. We haven’t been rushing to finish what we started, just worked on it slow and steady. But since we released the demos, we suddenly got some attention that we had not anticipated and that might very well push us to work a little bit faster.

If all that work goes as planned, and with a little luck from the lord of thunder, it might result in an album in the near future.

Right now we are working on some more demos and we’ll see where it goes from there.

You have already played a couple of shows. How was that, and what do you play? Do you have more Paladin songs not being released yet?

Paladin: The reception has been better than we hoped; to be fair we had no idea what to anticipate. But it’s nice to see that people are enjoying our stuff.

Currently we are just playing our own material when playing live, we just try to keep the sets short and straight to the point, since we are still an unknown band.

We have a few more songs ready, and we’re working on recording those at the moment and might toss out another demo in the near future. 

Talking about live shows: how is the power metal scene in Iceland?

Paladin: Almost non existent! There might be two, at the most three active power metal bands (including us) that we can think of. But if we manage to impress people, there might be a grand uprising which might pull the number up to four or five.

How and where do you record your music?

Paladin: It just so happens that two of the members of the band studied sound engineering, so we have a nice foundation for recording our own demos. We do most of the recording just sitting in someone’s bedroom or in a garage some place.

Are you active searching for a record deal?

Paladin: Not actively. Right now we are focused on recording our songs and just see where we go from there.

What are your musical influences?

Paladin: Most of our influence originates from the classic bands of the genre like Helloween, Rhapsody, Lost Horizon, Blind Guardian and Edguy, but there are a lot of young bands in Europe and the US which are putting out a lot of quality stuff.

I asked you earlier about the plans for the near future, but what about the long term plans? What are your hopes and goals with Paladin?

Paladin: World domination and cake. But we do settle for releasing albums and playing some entertaining shows abroad.

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Photo: Eva Alexandra

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