OLIVER HARTMANN (AVANTASIA) to guest on upcoming SERENITY album The Last Knight.

31. januar slipper Serenity sitt 7. album The Last Knight. Bandet har allerede sluppet en låt fra albumet, «Set The World On Fire«, hvor Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, ex-Sinbreed) bidro på vokal, og nå kan Serenity melde at også Oliver Hartmann vil bidra med sin stemme.

Just to give an extra spice to the appetiser and make you more hungry for this album, we reveal today the face of another guest singing on «The Last Knight» album. Mr Oliver Hartmann whom you might know from Avantasia as well as for his band Hartmann.

Oliver Hartmann

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1. The Last Knight
2. Invictus
3. Set The World On Fire (feat. Herbie Langhans)
4. Keeper of The Knights
5. Souls and Sins
6. My Kingdom Comes
7. Queen of Avalon
8. My Farewell
9. Down To Hell
10. Wings of Pride
11. Call To Arms
12. Souls and Sins (Acoustic Version)



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