CRYSTAL VIPER announce new drummer.

Ett døgn etter at CRYSTAL VIPER annonserte at trommeslager Tomek Danczak «Golem» hadde forlatt bandet er en ny mann på plass. I dag ble nemlig svenske CEDERICK FORSBERG presentert som bandets nye trommeslager.

Please meet the new Crystal Viper drummer, Cederick Forsberg! You might know this Swedish musician from bands such as Blazon Stone or Rocka Rollas. We are very happy to welcome him in the Crystal Viper family!

Cederick Forsberg

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CEDERICK FORSBERG, som blant annet er kjent for prosjektet Blazon Stone, som han nylig la på hylla, har denne kommentaren:

I’m proud to announce that I am Crystal Viper’s new full-time drummer!

About two weeks ago manager Bart Gabriel contacted me about joining the band and three days ago I was in Warzaw, Poland rehearsing 18 songs ONCE (really, not even twice!) and there was no second thoughts about this decision.

Regular followers of my page can probably put 1+1 together why I have suddenly practiced drums intensivily lately. The fact we didn’t really need to repeat any songs in rehearsal just goes to show the high level of professionalism of every musician in Crystal Viper.

I discovered Crystal Viper maybe 10 or so years ago, of course I had no idea I would end up in the drum throne some day… But now it happened.

Next month we’re going on short tour in Spain + Portugal, and there’s festival gigs in Russia and Germany booked for next year, and keep eyes open for more later.

Huge thanks to Marta Gabriel, Andy Wave, Błażej Grygiel, Eric Juris and Bart Gabriel for letting me on board!


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