GRAVE DIGGER release second single «Thousand Tears» feat. NOORA LOUHIMO (BATTLE BEAST), taken from upcoming album Fields Of Blood.

Grave Digger slipper sitt jubileumsalbum Fields Of Blood 29. mai 2020. Nå er andre singel ute, og denne gangen har de fått besøk av Battle Beast-vokalist Noora Louhimo.

Grave Digger are presenting a very special highlight and the second single of their new album: «Thousand Tears» features the incomparable voice of Noora of Battle Beast!

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Grave Digger-frontmann Chris Boltendahl har dette å si om sangen og Noora:

With Thousand Tears we pay homage to the unforgettable Queen of Scotland Mary Staurt … Noora from Battle Beast gives Queen Mary an incredible, warm and fragile atmosphere through her voice which at the end of the song turns into pure anger and despair.We couldn’t have found a better voice for this song. We are proud to present THOUSAND TEARS feat. NOORA LOUHIMO. One of the best ballads Grave Digger has ever written, maybe the best of our entire career.

Noora Louhimo legger til:

It’s an honour to do a collaboration with the legendary Grave Digger and I’m very intrigued about the Scottish themed songs they’ve done. Now I will also be part of their historical song ”Thousand Tears” as the voice of Queen Mary. I hope all listeners can hear the big emotions and get a little climpse of her story as one of most Powerful woman that lived in her time.

Noora Louhimo in the studio with Grave Digger



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