NOVAREIGN announce new lineup.

Novareign har et nytt ansikt i stallen og benytter nå anledningen til å ønske velkommen til bandets nye trommeslager Ulises Hernandez (Judicator).

This has been a long time coming, but we would like to officially announce the Novareign 2020 lineup, as you may spot there is a fresh face! We’re very excited and honored to have with us Mr. Ulises Hernandez on the drums!

Hernandez har egentlig spilt i bandet siden slutten av 2019, både på enkelte konserter og under turneen med Helion Prime. Men det er først nå at bandet bekrefter hans nye status som fullverdig medlem.

He has proven to us time and time again his dedication, talent, and drive as not only a member of the group but as a loyal friend. You may have seen Ulises perform with us in various shows towards the end of 2019 as well as our supporting tour throughout the midwest with Helion Prime which he absolutely crushed it on! Please give Ulises a warm welcome!

Ulises Hernandez (photo: Elizabeth Gore)

Dette betyr også at bandets tidligere trommeslager, Paul Contreras, har takket for seg.

Her er hva Contreras har å si om situasjonen:

It brings me sadness to announce that I’ve decided to step away from my boys of Novareign. Life has been throwing obstacles in my path to which I feel the need to correct and adjust before I can continue on with music. I’ve had nothing but a blast and great memories with great experiences from phenomenal musicians I can call brothers. I hope and wish nothing but the best for these talented musicians because they have a bright future ahead of them with the relentless hard work and dedication. Love you guys and keep up the great work. –Paul Contreras (ex-Novareign)

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