NorthTale reveal Welcome To Paradise release date, cover artwork and track listing.

Svensk-Amerikanske NorthTale, som nylig signerte med Nuclear Blast, slipper sitt debutalbum Welcome To Paradise 2. august 2019.

NorthTale’s 13-song debut album Welcome To Paradise, is set to be released on August 2, 2019 and features artwork from renowned rock/metal artist Felipe Machado. The record was produced by NorthTale themselves, whilst Jonas Kjellgren (Blacklounge Studios, Sweden) took care of mixing and mastering duties.

NorthTale består av gitarist Bill Hudson, vokalist Christian Eriksson (ex-Twilight Force), trommis Patrick Johansson, bassist Mikael Planefeldt og keyboardist Jimmy Pitts.

From left: Jimmy Pitts, Mikael Planefeldt, Christian Eriksson, Patrick Johansson, Bill Hudson

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Bill Hudson beskriver albumet på følgende måte:

The artwork for »Welcome To Paradise« represents an entrance to whatever ‘paradise’ represents to each of us. With this album, we intend to introduce the band to the world, as well as to spread our message, that you can be or do whatever you want, it’s all inside your own mind. Felipe Machado did a great job capturing our ideas and bringing them into reality. The album, the music and the lyrics all seek to empower the listener and remind them that THEY are masters of their destiny and what happens in their lives.


01. Welcome To Paradise
02. Higher
03. Follow Me
04. The Rhythm of Life
05. Time To Rise
06. Way Of The Light (Bonus Track)
07. Shape Your Reality
08. Everyone’s A Star
09. Siren’s Fall
10. Bring Down The Mountain
11. Playing With Fire
12. If Angels Are Real
13. Even When

Første singel fra albumet slippes om kort tid. I mellomtiden kan man høre 2018-versjonen av låten «Shape Your Reality«.

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