NOORA LOUHIMO opens up pre-sale for debut solo album Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space.

Det er nå ganske nøyaktig ett år siden Battle Beast-vokalist Noora Louhimo avslørte at hun jobbet med sitt første soloalbum. Nå er forhåndssalget igang og noen avsløringer om hva vi har i vente følger.

Now I can inform with joy that my first solo album’s pre-sale has been opened today!

Hi everyone and welcome to a trip inside my brain! Now I can inform with joy that my first solo album’s pre-sale has been opened today, the link is in my instagram bio and here: I want you to be part of making my big dream come true so everyone who’s ordered the Vinylpack bundle or the Digipack bundle before the 31st of October 2020 will get their name in the album booklet. T-shirt and a signed thank you card will be delivered to you in advance and in February 2021 when the album is to be released you will get the vinyl or digipack delivered. The whole production of this album will be funded with this campaign and with sponsors who want to support me. It is very important to me that I can do this by the help of my fans, family and friends without any middle hands. Help me to make this dream come true and come on for a ride in the Milky Way of soulful blues rock with country influences! The recordings of the album starts in September and each week from now on I will give little teasers what is happening in the studio. In this album you will see and hear totally new sides of me as a singer, songwriter and who is Noora Louhimo in her soul. Thank you already for your support, love you all!

Publisert av Noora's corner official Fredag 24. juli 2020

Albumet, som har fått tittelen Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space, slippes under navnet Noora Louhimo Experience, og kan forhåndsbestilles som ulike pakker – les mer om det her.

More about the pre-sale campaign here.

Musikalsk tar Louhimo et lite sidesprang fra hva vi er vant til, når hun på soloalbumet inviterer oss på en reise gjennom universet akkompagnert av blues- og country-toner.

NOEX will take you on a crazy space trip and the milkyway is filled with soulful bluesrock with country influences. For the first time ever Noora will show you the most honest, naked and soft as well as raw side of her. She will let you in her head to see and hear what has made her cry, laugh and get pissed off.

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Innspillingen av Eternal Wheel Of Time And Space starter opp i september og er planlagt utgitt i februar 2021.


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