NANOWAR OF STEEL sign with Napalm Records.

Parodibandet NANOWAR OF STEEL har signert en verdensomspennende avtale med plateselskapet Napalm Records.

NANOWAR OF STEEL, international masters of parody-metal, have pushed it to the next level and signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records.

Italienske NANOWAR OF STEEL ble dannet i 2003 og har så langt gitt ut 4 album, det siste, Stairway To Valhalla, i 2018.

After four full length studio albums, the band is now ready to take the next step on the Stairway to Valhalla. Beware: NANOWAR OF STEEL take “parody very seriously”!

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NANOWAR OF STEEL sier dette om signeringen:

We are proud to show the world that we are not just a bunch of uneducated clowns, but a bunch of uneducated clowns with writing and reading skills, as the reading and signing of an actual music contract shows.
For the first time in our 15-year career, this record deal will allow us to show the world that our idiocy truly has no boundaries. Thanks, Napalm, for believing in us and in our special brand of genre-fluid metal!

I sommer slapp bandet singelen «Norwegian Reggaeton«, som har nesten 3 500 000 visninger på YouTube. Nå blir låten tilgjengelig på vinyl.

A limited 7” single, which contains the songs «Norwegian Reggaeton» and «Bestie di Seitan», will be released on November 22.



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