On October 6th, Mikko Korsbäck and Niklas Dahlin of Insania had a meeting about the future of the band. A meeting that ended up in a plan to release a double album. But when? And who? And is this for real? The questions are many. We’ll let Mikko answear.

I have read your bio, I guess about a hundred times, but every time I lose track with all the names, the new bands, the years and so on… There has been quite a ride since you started up in 1992, with lineup changes being one thing. How has that affected the band; could the story of Insania been a totally different one if the lineup has been more stable?

Mikko: Well, when we founded Insania – or Insanity, which was the band’s first name when we started to play power metal, it was more like…imagine that you build a team from scratch, in hockey or football; you might start with some friends, someone who knows someone etc. After a while in that young age, you tend to grow in different directions, so some people get in, and some people leave. It’s the same thing with many bands at a young age.

In 1992 we started the journey that would take us towards the music Insania produced in 1997. And after some five years, in the early 1998, we recorded a demo – the first real Insania-demo. We had it mixed and mastered during the spring. Then we sent the CD to a couple of record labels, and we got signed with House Of Kicks straight away.

The way Our music sounded, and the first lineup back then, was the result of the evolution of our band. If other musicians would have replaced one or two of these members, Insania would never have become what it is today. But, I’ve never felt that the lineup has been unstable; the chances that took place had to be done at that particular time…

So, who are the members of Insania now?

Mikko: It’s me behind the drums, Peter Östros and Niklas Dahlin on the guitars, Tomas Stolt on the bass, and then all of the three singers that we’ve recorded on our former albums: Ola Halén, Dimitri Keiski and David Henriksson will all sing lead vocals on the next album(s).

We haven’t really decided on the keyboard yet, but when it comes to the recordings – I’ll probably play some keys at least. Not solos, though… We have a couple of interesting names for that, but that’s all I can reveal on that part for now.

And for the record: is the name of the band Insania or Insania Stockholm? It seems you have got rid of «Stockholm» – why is that?

Mikko: The House Of Kicks added «Stockholm» to our name because of some Spanish band with the name Insania who tried or threatened to sue either us or House Of Kicks. They couldn’t really go through with it, but somehow «Stockholm» was added without our knowledge, «just in case» – which we never really liked. We prefer to call us Insania, and nothing else. But it’s not a big thing today.

If I remember correctly the first signs of a reunion (if that’s the right word for it) was around 2011-2013. What happened then? Why did you decide to come back, and what was the result after that reunion?

Mikko: We talked a lot at a point, and everybody just felt that we still have things to achieve. So, we started to write songs together, and some of them got recorded as demos.

It clearly didn’t end up with a new album. What was the reason for that?

Mikko: Well, the result was family, basically. Bandmembers got kids, and that comes with life I guess. So, there was less time for recordings than we expected when we actually planned to come back. We still thought it would be possible during that time, but it got harder and harder just to get time to write, rehearse and record songs. So, it kind of faded out, at the same time as we thought we would pull it off.

And now the fans are going crazy because of your recent Facebook post! I guess that must feel great, knowing that the fans are still waiting?

Mikko: Yeah, that is actually crazy. We knew there were fans out there, hoping and asking for a new album, but this response – it’s just amazing!

You wrote in the statement on Facebook that there will be a double-album. Do you have the songs ready already?

Mikko: I would say that most of the songs, maybe 75% of the songs are written, and some of them recorded as demos. We still write, since it’s easier if you have one or two extra songs to choose from. I think we might have 12-14 songs so far, out of maybe 18-20.

What are the timeline now: when will the recording start, when will we hear the first sign of the new Insania, and when will the new record be out?

Mikko: That’s the hardest question to answear. I am putting up a studio at home right at this time. In the future there will be drum recording-room/studio as well. But right now the focus is at getting the studio up, so that we can record bass, keys, guitars – everything but vocals and drums. Niklas has a studio at home, and we’ve moved a bit closer to each other now, so it feels much easier to get going again.

We are writing and recording piece by piece as time goes by, but the drums and the vocals has to be recorded someplace else.

I hope that I can get back to you with a timeline in the near future. My personal goal would be to release at least the first album before the end of 2020. But who knows; when this giant rock starts rolling, it rolls faster and faster, so to speak. So, it could be earlier too.

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