MIDNIGHT PROPHECY part ways with guitarist DANNY QUAYLE.

Kun 10 dager etter at Midnight Prophecy mistet bassist Peter Mansfield, er det nå gitarist Danny Quayle som er nestemann ut.

Av eget ønske har Quayle bestemt seg for å trappe ned på konsertvirksomheten og heller fokusere på livet utenfor musikken.

We’re sorry to announce our long time guitarist and fellow scryer Danny has decided to step down from the live stage to focus more on life outside of the general band life.

Danny Quayle (left)

Men, dette betyr ikke at Danny kutter alle bånd til Midnight Prophecy da han vil fortsette å jobbe med bandet.

Danny will be sticking around as one of the
people behind The Prophet, both on the front lines and behind the scenes! As our vision grows wider and our ambitions grow evermore, the team behind Midnight Prophecy can also grow, to make sure you guys are getting the best of us. Danny is now on the forefront of that team so it’s definitely not the last you will be seeing or hearing of him!

Danny Quayle har denne beskjeden til fansen:

I’d just like to reiterate again that this is not me leaving or being removed from the band, I’ve made this choice on my own after a serious amount of tough thought and deliberation. Ultimately it came down to the best decision for myself at this current point in life, but I’m only coming off stage, I’ll 100% still be in and around the band like I were in it, as best I can.

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