METALITE releases previously unreleased song.

Metalite, som for tiden jobber med sitt tredje studioalbum (planlagt utgitt i 2021) har sluppet en ny sang, «We Bring You The Stars«. Låten ble skrevet under arbeidet med Biomechanicals-albumet (2019), og har tidligere ikke vært utgitt.

Metalite are working on new material for their highly anticipated third album, which will be released in 2021. But before, the band has a another special treat for its fans: The new single „We Bring You The Stars“ is available on all digital platforms now. It’s a previously unreleased song which was recorded during the „Biomechanicals“ sessions.

Metalite-gitarist Edwin Premberg har følgende kommentar:

To give our fans a little surprise in these hard times we release this previously recorded and unreleased song ”We Bring You The Stars”. A very melodic, epic, uptempo and pop-influenced in-your-face song that really shows our fans what Metalite is all about. Memorable melodies that really get glued to your mind, the upfront vocals, battling double kicks and soaring guitars. This is a adrenaline injection in a positive way that everybody needs in these dark times. To prepare you all for our upcoming new releases this year and our third album next year, we bring you the stars.


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