METAL DE FACTO reveal details about upcoming debut album Imperium Romanum along with first single.

Finske METAL DE FACTO, som nylig signerte med Rockshots Records, slipper debutalbumet Imperium Romanum 22. november 2019. Nå er første singel, «The Conqueror«, ute.

Finnish power metal band METAL DE FACTO will be releasing the debut album ‘Imperium Romanum’ next November 22nd, 2019 via Rockshots Records.
The first single ‘The Conqueror’ is now available.

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Bassist Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum) har dette å si om sangen:

The Conqueror is the opening track of the album and it tells about the founding myth of Rome. But instead of just telling once again the legend of the brothers Romulus and Remus, we played around with the idea of what did Romulus think after he killed his brother. And even though he saw the glory of Rome, could it have been even greater if they both would’ve still been there to rule together? Musically the song is exactly what we had in our minds when MDF was found: ass kicking power/heavy metal with fast pace, powerful vocals, catchy chorus, mindblowing solos etc.

Artwork created by Gyula Havancsák


01. The Conqueror
02. Legionnaires’ Oath
03. Naturalis Historia
04. Inferno
05. Bacchanalia
06. Echoes In Eternity
07. Colosseum
08. Ides Of March
09. The Ascending Of Jupiter
10. Germanicus (feat. Maurizio Iacono, Kataklysm)

Imperium Romanum har blitt innspilt, mikset og mastret ved Goodman Studios og Tadaa Music Studio av bandets gitarist Esa Orjatsalo.

The debut album will deal with the Roman Empire and the many tales, true stories and philosophies associated with it. Each song is about a different aspect of this grand topic, and while being enjoyable as escapist storytelling in itself, also delves into the mindset of the different characters and people from whose perspectives the songs are written.

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METAL DE FACTO består av vokalist Mikael Salo (Everfrost), gitarist Esa Orjatsalo (ex-Dreamtale), gitarist Mikko Salovaara (Leverage), bassist Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum), keyboardist Benji Connelly (Everfrost) og trommeslager Atte Marttinen (ex-Kivimetsän Druidi).


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