After 5 years in the making, Induction is finally ready to release its self-titled debut album. asked a few questions to founder and guitarist Martin Beck about the album, the band and the future.

You founded Induction in 2014 (then called Martin Beck’s Induction). What was the idea behind the band back then; what kind of band was it?

Martin: Everything started only from one reason which was to record “something” with my friends in a professional studio and get the experience with it. 

So, I invited few of my close friends which I’ve been playing with and writing music to this project called “Martin Beck’s Induction”. That was in 2014, you’re right. I contacted producer Roland Grapow to book his studio called “Grapow Studios” in Slovakia and recorded a single there. It was an instrumental single with three guitars, violin and cello so I had a nice line-up and the opportunity for doing lot of combinations while writing that song, it was great!

But during that time, I wanted to do more and more so when the idea of making the single “The Outwitted Consecration” came, I decided to use only “Induction” as the project name. In that time, it was still a project.

How was the search for band members in the beginning?

Martin: As I said, I contacted my close friends from music branch in the very beginning to start this Induction thing with them.

Of course, finding the right people for more serious stuff is sometimes hard due to their other activities, responsibilities, etc. Being responsible in the band is very important and from my experience it sometimes didn’t worked as I wanted, so I did have a few line-up changes in that time to make sure everything was being done in great order.

You have released two demos, in 2015 and 2016, the last one also included on the upcoming album. Have constantly (since 2014) been writing for an album, or how has the songwriting process been like?

Martin: The songwriting in Induction is extensive. First two singles are written by me and Peter Crowley.

Peter is our orchestra composer guy, who’s doing all the orchestration in Induction. We started to collaborate in 2014 and kept our relationship and work-flow until this album. I have seven songs on the album written together with Peter. Then we have one song called “Hiraeth” written together with Peter and Tim Hansen.

Tim have three songs on the debut album written by himself and in collaboration of Peter.

In my case, it usually it works like, that I came up with the first idea of the song that means some dominant riff, or vision of the whole thing. Then I record what I can, and Peter do the orchestra and sometimes the following part in the song structure, sometimes the other way around. It’s always different with “who does what”, it depends how you wake up in the morning and how creative you are for the end of the day, haha!

Musically; how would you describe the album? Who are your influences and how does that show on the album?

Martin: Since writing the material for this album took us almost 4 years, I’m glad how it turned out. It’s colorful – you can find lot of progressive elements together with “happy melodies”, slow acoustic parts, emotional parts, etc. Every song has something special which was my main goal for this debut record; that every song is different, and it doesn’t reminds of any “self-copyright”, if you know what I mean… There are lot of new bands I’m listening to, but sometimes they don’t have that much creativity and their album get boring for me after a few songs. This was something I didn’t want to happen. My main focus while writing the album is also to have in mind that “vocals and overall melody is the most important elements for the song, everything else it’s just background”.

About the influences, since more people is involved in the songwriting, everyone is listening to different bands meaning everyone is taking inspiration from different directions and when we put everything together, we get nice contrast in between which is great. I personally prefer the melodic metal bands like Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, and also Judas Priest and the biggest influence for me have always been Ritchie Blackmore and his Rainbow.

The band consist now of Nick Holleman on vocals, Tim Hansen on guitar, Werner Erkelens on bass and Sean Brandenburg on drums.

F.L.: Tim Kanoa Hansen, Werner Erkelens, Nick Holleman, Sean Brandenburg, Martin Beck (photo: Fotograf Franz Schepers)

About Holleman: how did he end up in the band?

Martin: When I’ve got the offer to work on some stuff for the Norwegian project called “Aldaria” [Frode Hovd’s Aldaria], I received their demo with Nick on vocals. I was impressed by his vocals a lot and already imagined he would, with his vocal range and color of his voice, fit into Induction. I contacted him, and we met up in Utrecht, which is a city in The Netherlands. We spend a few days discussing how our collaboration should look like. And now, we did the album haha!

I’m also curious about Tim Hansen, the son of Kai Hansen. How did he end up in the band, and can you notice that he has learned a thing or two from his dad?

Martin: When we were mixing “The Outwitted Consecration” single with Roland in beginning of 2016, Kai and Tim were in Slovakia as well. I contacted my friend Tonka, which is Kai’s wife, and they all came together to the studio for checking out Induction’s music, talk about music, etc. I didn’t know Tim before, we met for first time at Roland’s studio.

At that time, I was living in London and Tim contacted me asking to send him the notes (tabs) of that single with the words, as he wanted to learn that song on guitar. Then we got more in touch and one day I visited him in Hamburg. There he showed me his demos and ideas he had written down. He was around 17 years old at that time and the ideas for the songs he already had were awesome!

During that time, Teemu Mäntysaari who is known as guitar player from Wintersun, was collaborating with me. We recorded “The Outwitted Consecration” single together. But he was really busy with Wintersun and preparing for an album release at that time, so we decided to stop the collaboration in Induction because I really needed to move on. So, I had to find another solution. Tim was the first one I offered the position as guitarist in Induction. From that time, we have been working together in Induction.

And to answer your question fully, yes of course he has learned a lot from his dad. Not only playing guitar but knowing and getting into the music business. That’s such a big plus in his age.

You also have Kai Hansen contributing on the song “Mirror Make Believe (My Enemy)”. How was that? Does he play the guitar or sing also?

Martin: Kai is guest for that song only for the vocals. He’s singing together with Nick, so it’s a duet song.

“Mirror Make Believe (My Enemy)” is written by me and Peter and it took us around two years to finish this song. But the decision for having two vocalists was made after the song was written. It has so many different parts and feelings, so it fits well for duet. Having Kai on vocals there is also great since he’s keeping his voice lower and Nick higher – we’ve got great contrast.

Kai Hansen, Martin Beck and Roland Grapow in Grapow Studios

You are soon to tour with Armored Dawn, are you planning any other tours after the release?

Martin: The tour with Armored Dawn will be in November. We are already planning single shows and dealing with tour offers for next year as well, so definitely yes.

As far as I know you are still unsigned. Do you have a plan to get signed?

MartinNot at the moment. We want to grow with Induction on our own first album and have more freedom. But in the future, probably yes – just have to wait for the right moment.

What about the future? Do you have a second album already planned out in your head?

Martin: We are already writing the second album. I personally have some major ideas what to do more interesting in the second album so I’m enjoying this process a lot! Also, Tim is bringing a lot of modern stuff into his songwriting so let’s see how the whole thing will turn out, but of course, we will keep out standards which we set from this first debut album.

Top photo: Wolfgang Kühnle

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