Majestica talk about the band’s history and recording Above The Sky in first album trailer.

Svenske Majestica (tidligere ReinXeed) annonserte nylig nytt album Above The Sky. Bandet har allerede sluppet to singler, «Rising Tide» og «Night Call Girl«, og nå kommer første albumtrailer hvor vokalist og gitarist Tommy Johansson (Sabaton) snakker om bandets historie om innspillingen av det kommende albumet.

Da nyheten om navneskiftet ble sluppet, hadde Tommy Johansson dette å si:

It’s been many years since we last released an album, so we decided to ‘start over’ as a new band, Majestica, instead. It’s not only a majestic and epic name for a power metal band from Sweden, it’s also a tribute to the album »Majestic« that we released with ReinXeed in 2010. We came up with it and it sounded great, it felt perfect for this kind of music and just feels right.

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01. Above The Sky
02. Rising Tide
03. The Rat Pack
04. Mötley True
05. The Way To Redemption
06. Night Call Girl
07. Future Land
08. The Legend
09. Father Time (Where Are You Now)
10. Alliance Forever
Bonus Tracks (DIGI und 2LP only!)
11. Future Land (2002)
12. Spaceballs

Første singel fra albumet var «Rising Tide«, og om den hadde bandet dette å si:

Rising Tide’ is not only an epic power metal song in the vein of Edguy, Stratovarius and Running Wild. It’s also very orchestral with a lot of Hans Zimmer influences. The lyrics are about some people hoping to find the fountain of youth, because they’re becoming old and wanna relive the good times of when they were younger. This song also represents the band as well as the direction and sound of the new record pretty well. Not only for the music but also that we show that we love doing what we do and can throw in some humour here and there.

«Night Call Girl» var andre låt ut, som Tommy Johansson beskrev slik:

«Night Call Girl» is a huge tribute to the 80’s metal we grew up with. It’s a mix between Gary Moore, Rick Springfield, Europe and Journey. The lyrics are all about the classical catch phrases they used in those days and it has one of the best «sing along» choruses on the album. Power metal doesn’t go far away from 80’s metal so that’s why we felt that this tribute to our 80’s hair metal heroes fits great on »Above The Sky«.


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