Majestica, tidligere kjent som ReinXeed, har i dag sluppet første singel fra det kommende albumet Above The Sky, samt at låtliste og albumcover er avslørt.

Majestica have revealed the album cover, track list and released the first single from the upcoming album Above The Sky.

«Rising Tide» er tittelen på første smakebit fra det kommende Majestica-albumet Above The Sky. Sangen skal, i følge Nuclear Blast, gi et hint om hvilke historier og tema albumet vil omhandle.

Ahoy! Majestica take us to a journey across the seas. This is only a humble hint of what stories are to come on the album Above The Sky.

Bandet selv har følgende beskrivelse av låten:

«Rising Tide» is not only an epic power metal song in the vein of Edguy, Stratovarius and Running Wild. It’s also very orchestral with a lot of Hans Zimmer influences. The lyrics are about some people hoping to find the fountain of youth, because they’re becoming old and wanna relive the good times of when they were younger. This song also represents the band as well as the direction and sound of the new record pretty well. Not only for the music but also that we show that we love doing what we do and can throw in some humour here and there.

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Above The Sky vil bli utgitt 7. juni 2019 på viny, CD og digitalt, og blir av Tommy Johansson beskrevet som ekte power metal med fengende melodier og symfoniske elementer.

People can expect real power metal in the vein of Helloween, Stratovarius and Gamma Ray, but also great symphonic parts with catchy melodies and choruses with a lot of choral arrangements, guitar solos, beautiful inflections and of course – high pitched vocals like Michael Kiske, Timo Kotipelto and Sebastian Bach.


  1. Above The Sky
  2. Rising Tide
  3. The Rat Pack
  4. Mötley True
  5. The Way Of Redemption
  6. Night Call Girl
  7. Future Land
  8. The Legend
  9. Father Time (Where Are You Now)
  10. Alliance Forever
    Bonus Tracks (Digi & 2LP only):
  11. Future Land (2002)
  12. Spaceballs

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