Lords Of Black, med tidligere Dark Moor-trommis Andy C., har siden vokalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow) forlot bandet tidligere i år, vært uten vokalist. Nå melder bandet at  en ny mann er på plass.

Lords Of Black, feat. former Dark Moor drummer Andy C., have found a new vocalist that will be officially announced on monday.

Lords Of Black ble dannet i 2014 av gitarist Tony Hernando. Bandet har gitt ut tre studioalbum, Lords Of Black (2014), II (2016) og Icons Of The New Days (2018).

I dag består bandet av  Andy C. (ex-Dark Moor) på trommer, gitarist Tony Hernando og bassist Dani Criado, etter at vokalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, The Ferrymen) forlot bandet tidligere i år.

Photo: Alfredo M. Geisse Photography

I den forbindelse kom Tony Hernando med denne uttalelsen:

I just want to confirm that Ronnie Romero is no longer the singer for Lords Of Black. This is something that I knew when I was already working on new Lords Of Black music, and as you can imagine, it’s something disappointing and truly heartbreaking. I respect his decision, and I can only say it has been a great journey these 5 years making great music together and achieving goals that seemed impossible. For that I will be forever grateful. Now it’s time to find a new singer, get the band at full speed again and make the best album yet. I want to be clear about confirming that Lords Of Black will be at Leyendas del Rock Festival in August, and other live gigs are being booked at the moment. Last but not least, I want to thank YOU the fans! You have been amazing and I will give you everything I have! Lords Of Black Rules!!

Nå kan Tony Hernando melde at en ny vokalist er på plass, men vi må vente til førstkommende mandag med å vite hvem det er.

I just wanted to tell you some good news… Lords Of Black have a new singer!
This Monday he will be officially announced. After listening to a lot of demo submissions and recommendations, I finally selected three posible candidates… Then it was all about knowing as much as I could about each of them, and find out if we were going to be compatible, musically and personality wise. Fortunately for us and all our fans throughout the world, we have our man!
You’ll know who he is in a few days, I hope you all like and support my choice!
Once again I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support to Lords Of Black and all the great singers that have been interested in being part of this! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!


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