PowerMetal.no asked Libor Křivák and Antonio Abate of Symphonity to name their top 10 favorite power metal songs of all time. Here are the list.

Libor Křivák (guitars) and Antonio Abate (vocals) picked 5 songs each, the list is not sorted by priority.

Antionio’s list:

Labÿrinth – «Moonlight»
Album: Return To Heaven Denied (1998)
Lineup: Roberto Tiranti (vocals), Olaf Thörsen (guitars), Andrea Cantarelli (guitars), Andrea De Paoli (keyboards), Cristiano Bertocchi (bass), Frank Andiver (drums)

Rhapsody – «Holy Thunderforce»
Album: Dawn Of Victory (2000)
Lineup: Fabio Lione (vocals), Luca Turilli (guitars), Alessandro Lotta (bass), Alex Staropoli (keyboards)

Stratovarius – «Black Diamond»
Album: Visions (1997)
Lineup: Timo Tolkki (guitars), Timo Kotipelto (vocals), Jari Kainulainen (bass), Jens Johansson (keyboards), Jörg Michael (drums)

Helloween – «Eagle Fly Free»
Album: Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II (1988)
Lineup: Michael Kiske (vocals), Kai Hansen (guitars), Michael Weikath (guitars), Markus Grosskopf (bass), Ingo Schwichtenberg (drums)

Kamelot – «Center Of The Universe»
Album: Epica (2003)
Lineup: Roy Khan (vocals), Thomas Youngblood (guitars), Glenn Barry (bass), Casey Grillo (drums)

Libor’s list:

Stratovarius – «Speed Of Light»
Album: Episode (1996)
Lineup: Timo Kotipelto (vocals), Timo Tolkki (guitars), Jari Kainulainen (bass), Jens Johansson (keyboards), Jörg Michael (drums)

Helloween – «Eagle Fly Free»*

Gamma Ray – «Land Of The Free» (feat. Michael Kiske, Hansi Kürsch)
Album: Land Of The Free (1995)
Lineup: Kai Hansen (vocals, guitar), Dirk Schlächter (guitars, keyboards), Jan Rubach (bass), Thomas Nack (drums)

Edguy – «Babylon»
Album: Theater Of Salvation (1999)
Lineup: Tobias Sammet (vocals), Jens Ludwig (guitars), Dirk Sauer (guitars), Tobias Exxel (bass), Felix Bohnke (drums)

Running Wild – «The Phantom Of Black Hand Hill»
Album: Black Hand Inn (1994)
Lineup: Rolf Kasparek (vocals, guitars), Thilo Hermann (guitars), Thomas Smuszynski (bass), Jörg Michael (drums)

*There’s one song which is in both lists, therefore Tomáš Sklenář  (bass) got to pick one song:

«This was the very first song I heard from this band and from this genre at all. I remember I couldn’t stop listening when I heard it for the first time. This incredible song opened a gate to this genre for me.»

Rhapsody – «Knightrider Of Doom»
Album: Power Of The Dragonflame (2002)
Lineup: Fabio Lione (vocals), Luca Turilli (guitars), Alex Staropoli (keyboards), Thunderforce (drums)

Next Top 10 Favorite Power Metal Songs will be picked by Martin Steene (Iron Fire).

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