Sunrise vocalist Konstantin Naumenko has gathered some of the icons in the power metal genre for his project Delfinia. And now the debut album is soon to be released.

The first sign of life was back in 2014 when you released your first single, «I’m Here». But I guess you started writing for the debut album before that?

Konstantin: Well, I think the first bricks were laid in 2013. At that time I was not sure wether or not it would result in an album, but after a while the idea became bigger and bigger in my mind.

When did the idea behind Delfinia first arise? And what was the idea behind the band?

Konstantin: The thoughts about some solo project were with me since the release of the second album of my main band Sunrise [Trust Your Soul, 2009]. At first I was not sure what genre I wanted to work with, but with time it became clearer because I wrote a lot of songs that was different from the ones I wrote for Sunrise.

Also, I’ve decided not to form the band with a constant line-up for this project, because I want to work with many different musicians and to gather new experiences. In addition, I am already active in one band and that is enough for me. So, I decided to make this a studio project and with time it has become an international collaboration.

As I mentioned it has been four years since the first single, and the second single («Do You Remember») was released last year. Why has it taken so long to release the album?

Konstantin: At a certain period I was very busy with the recording of the third Sunrise album [Absolute Clarity, 2016] and after that release I had a lot of work with the debut live DVD of Sunrise, Through The Eyes Of Infinity [2017]. I had no time for other projects, but after the Sunrise releases I have returned to the Delfinia album. On top of that I work with other clients in my own studio, so I can’t rush the work with the Delfinia album.

How has the recording process been? Has it been challenging?

Konstantin: It’s not easy to work without a band because I have to write all the instrument parts almost by myself. And that takes a lot of time and energy. Also, on this album I’ve tried to sing in a different style than I usually do; I have added much more drama and expressiveness as well as the more «rocky» and harsh style of singing. In most of the songs I sing on the limits of my abilities!

Is Roland Grapow the producer on this album?

Konstantin: I would be very happy if Roland was the producer of this album, but that’s not the case because of a very low budget. But, he was very amiable to agree to play on the album! It was a real fortune for me! At first it was just a bold move to ask him to collaborate with me, but he agreed easily. Then I just realized what an amazing and kind mand that hides behind the legendary and unapproachable guitarist. He made his work uncompromisingly!

What can you tell me about the album, both musically and lyrically? Is there a message with this album?

Konstantin: I don’t know if the album has some certain message, except the main positive and kind mood in every song. Each song is a little story on its own, about life and experiences from certain periods in life. Some kind of philisophy. Musically this album somtimes shows itself from unexpected sides; here and there you can hear the elements of djent, progressive and symphonic.

On this album, Deep Elevation, you have a great number of well-known guest musicians. How did you end up with them, and why them?

Konstantin: I wanted to gather a great number of musicians who have become icons in the power metal genre. I will not talk about thos who didn’t agree to take part on this album, haha! But, all the great people who was real kind to collaborate with me have given me great happiness and inspiration.

After being inspired by the success with Roland Grapow, I, with great help from my manager Sandra Konopatska, managed to get in contact with Olaf Thorsen (Labÿrinth, Vision Divine), Ross VC Thompson (Van Canto), Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere), Aerendri (Twilight Force) and others.

Have the guest musicians in any way contributed to the songwriting? And who writes and composes the music?

Konstantin: I have written all the music and lyrics on this album. Some lyrics has been written with great help from Daria Naumenko. The musicians just recorded their parts, but the solo parts were composed by the guest musicians, so it reflects their own recognizable features, taste and style.

When will the album be released?

Konstantin: We have no certain date yet, but we’re planning to release it in the middle of January 2019.

This project consist of you and Daria Naumenko. For those who don’t know her, can you introduce her?

Konstantin: Daria is my beloved wife and faithful companion in music. She is the only constant member of this project except of me. We are like one unit and without her I can’t make music at a required and valuable level. She is the perfect musician with the perfect feeling for music. She has this wonderful ability to breathe life to the songs. That’s why she is an integral part of Delfinia and my other projects.

Both of you are involved in other bands as well, for example Sunrise. You have talked about it earlier, but how is Delfinia different from the other bands you play in?

Konstantin: Delfinia reflects my approach and my vision of composing music. And in the other bands I’m trying to compose together with the other members. Daria is a big part of Sunrise as well as Delfinia. I am also involved in her project called Novi.

Are you planning on having more bandmembers in the future?

Konstantin: Maybe the next album will be recorded with just one constant line-up of musicians, but at the moment I don’t know. Time will show…

Are you planning to record more albums with Delfinia?

Konstantin: Even though the debut album has not yet been released, I definitely have inspiration for future work on this project.



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