KIUAS resurrects as DAIMONIC.

Etter at Kiuas slapp sitt 4., og siste, album i 2010 har det vært stille fra finskene. Det helt til i desember 2019 da bandet, via Facebook, hintet om at noe var på gang. Nå er det klart hva fansen kan vente seg – og det er ikke et nytt Kiuas-album. Siden 2013 har en ny besetning jobbet med et nytt konsept som har resultert i bandet Daimonic.

A new power has risen!!

So, as promised, there’s some splendid news for Kiuas fans:

Since the end of Kiuas in 2013, a long, hard and careful process of intense songwriting, planning, and the gathering of just the right members and refining the thematic and visual concept for a new extraordinary group has taken Place. The result is a new band called DAIMONIC which has evolved through several line-up changes to it’s current form, which is quite interesting indeed.

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Musikalsk vil Daimonic fortsette der Kiuas slapp, men det er kun gitarist og vokalist Mikko Salovaara og keyboardist Jari Pailamo som er igjen fra originalbesetningen.

Perhaps the biggest surprise will be that besides carrying the musical legacy of Kiuas with a songwriting touch that Kiuas fans will recognize and delivering the likewise familiar guitar sound, Mikko Salovaara has taken on a new challenge of handling the lead vocals as well.

Resten av bandet består av bassist Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow), gitarist Aki Holma og trommeslager Timo Aspiala.

From Kiuas the only other remaining member besides Mikko is elven keyboard wizard Jari Pailamo who needs no introduction. Bass duties are handled by finnish folk-metal icon Ville Sorvali, frontman of Moonsorrow. An ultra-heavy guitar assault is secured by the Khal Drogo of Finland Aki Holma, and the electric beast Timo Aspiala will provide the backbone with furious yet precise drumming.

Daimonic har allerede sluppet første singel, «Might Concealed«, og debutalbumet er mikset og klar for å bli utgitt.

Marking the first step of our conquest, we are realeasing a single called ”Might Concealed”, which is available NOW on all relevant digital sources.

We will also release an explosive lyric video of the song which can be seen on YouTube on Friday the 13th and onwards.

As for future releases, we have a treasure trove of killer material waiting to be unleashed on the world including a set of fully finished masterpieces mixed, mastered and ready for release.

“Might Concealed” is a fast and intense modern metal masterpiece that combines extreme metal acrobatics, melodic vocals with a catchy chorus, symphonic elements, and the perfect blend of tehcnical yet raunchy and raw old school-metal musicianship. It serves as the perfect introduction to world of Daimonic.

Top photo: Marko Simonen



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