Kiko Loureiro: -Andre Matos talked about reunite with Angra

I en video publisert på YouTube snakker Kiko Loureiro åpenhjertig om sitt vennskap med Andre Matos og hvordan Matos, sist uke, åpnet for at han og Angra en dag kunne stå på samme scene igjen.

Can you believe that this week, last Saturday to be precise; there was a Shaman concert with Avantasia in Sao Paulo, and Paulo Baron [Angra manager] was there, and they talked, and for the first time in 20 years Andre said: «Man, I think it could be cool to come back and play if Kiko come as well.» And then Baron called me this last week to telling me that. It was emotional, because over those 20 years he didn’t wanted to talk to anybody. The few times someone asked him [about a reunion] he said he would never play with these guys [Angra] again. So, it wasn’t something we were trying to do; you are always thinking about the future. Sometimes [during the last 20 years] there was these conversations; I tried a couple of times, people tried, but he didn’t wanted to. And that was it. But incredible that this week he said that…he was working on this…man…it’s a pity, because it would be cool, close a circle 20 years later and to meet and talk.

Andre Matos og Kiko Loureiro spilte sammen i Angra fra 1993 til 2000, da Matos sluttet. I den perioden ga bandet ut debutalbumet Angels Cry (1993), Holy Land (1996) og Fireworks (1998). Matos startet bandet Shaman med de tidligere Angra-medlemmene Luis Mariutti og Ricardo Confessori. Loureiro sluttet i Angra i 2015 for å spille i Megadeth.

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