Many were surprised when TIMO TOLKKI announced JORGE SEGERSBOL as the vocalist in his new project INFINITE VISION. And maybe he was too?

So, how was your reactions when Tolkki contacted you;? Where you surprised, happy, and did you take him seriously at first?

Jorge: It was a great surprise, for sure! He wrote me at my fan page (which I haven’t looked at in a long time, haha), and I instantly accept his proposal. Then we started communicating through WhatsApp. It was very refreshing but obviously I kept my feet on the ground and stayed humble under the advice of my friend and manager, Francisco Ponce de León. Now, I’m in touch with Eric Cerda, Timo’s manager, he was the person in charge when we released the Ancestral Dawn album in Europe. He’s a great guy and very talented, right now we’re working together some ideas for the album.

Can you tell us about how you ended up in Tolkki’s new band?

Jorge: I sang 2 songs with him last year at his concert in Peru. Initially I was chosen to be the main singer for the show but because of other concerts with Pegasus I couldn’t take that responsibility at the moment. Actually, I was kind of sick during that show, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to play with Timo, so I did an extra effort and it all went great.

Your name appeared to many fans of power metal when Timo Tolkki announced you as the vocalist for his new band Infinite Vision. How has the response from the Tolkki fans been; have you been given a warm welcome?

Jorge: Yes, this has been very positive! Actually, I’m very happy for that reason, they received the news with joy, specially people from my own country.

Segersbol & Lione

As many may not know you that well, can you give a short introduction of yourself to the readers? Many know you as the singer in Ancestral Dawn, and previous in Nautiluz, but what else is there to know?

Jorge: Currently I’m the lead singer for a Peruvian ani-metal band called Pegasus. We transform anime openings among other TV themes with different music styles into heavy and power metal. Now I’m with a new band that I formed with some friends called Beyond Time. We’re about to release our first single next month.

Cool, I will definitively keep an eye out!

I know that you, in both Ancestral Dawn and Nautiliz, have recorded cover of Stratovarius songs, so I know you are familiar with Tolkkis old work and that you are a big Stratovarius fan. How is your relationship with Stratovarius, and how has Tolkki and his music affected you as a musician?

Jorge: I’m always listening to Stratovarius’ music, but I have to admit that my main influence is Helloween. But Strato has always been a great influence for me too, and I’m sure that a lot of musicians think the same way. Tolkki is a genius that still keeps his essence after all these years.

Infinite Vision are now planning to release a 5-song demo, which will include the tracks “Dangerous”, “Sonata Black”, and “Voice Of Tomorrow”. What can you tell me about the demo and the music; what can we expect?

Jorge: Not much I’m afraid, but what I can say is that these songs keeps a very classic essence from the creativity of Timo Tolkki; I like them very much.

How much (of the music/songs) were written before you entered the band; have you had the chance to affect the music in any way, or is Tolkki the main, and only, songwriter?

Jorge: I’m not sure when they were written; maybe some are new and others have more time, all we know is that Timo is like a music maker machine haha. He’s always thinking about new ideas. I was given the task to make the lyrics, which as I said before, I’m writing them with Eric Cerda.

We all know Tolkki as a genius musician, but how would you describe Tolkki as a person; how is he to work with?

Jorge: I still don’t know him that much, but we shared some drinks after the show in Lima, and I could notice that he is a very funny guy, and also a very creative person.

Infinite Vison is quite an international band with a Finnish guitarist, a Peruvian vocalist, a drummer from Germany and a keyboardist from America. How is that working out; have you all met?

Jorge: About the other guys from the band, I still haven’t had the pleasure to meet them. I only know that they’re excellent musicians, for example I know some of the work of Alex [Holzwarth, drums] when he played with Angra and Rhapsody. The way we’re working is recording separately and then each one sends their tracks to the selected studio to be processed.

You are also planning a tour with Infinite Vison, where you will be playing songs from throughout Timo Tolkki’s career; Stratovarius, Revolution Renaissance, Symfonia and Avalon. What are your favourite tracks from all those bands; let’s say top 5 songs from Tolkkis career?

Jorge: Wow man, only 5!? It’s a very though choice, haha, but okay: «Black Diamond«, «Destiny«, «Infinity«, «Father Time» and «Rebel«.

And finally: is there any news from the Ancestral Dawn camp; will there be a new album soon?

Jorge: I’ve been talking with  [Jorge] Higginson about our A.D. project and there’s a chance we could release a new single during this year, I’m not sure yet but definitely we will work on something, maybe we try to release singles tracks instead of a whole album.



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