Jean Michel Volz have brought the former Zonata vocalist Johannes Nyberg back in the spotlight, first with the project A Taste Of Freedom and now with the new project Season of Dreams. caught up with both Jean Michel and Johannes Nyberg to find out what this new project is all about.

Originally had scheduled a interview with Jean Michel Volz about the project A Taste Of Freedom, that have engaged Johannes Nyberg (ex-Zonata) as the new vocalist. But, as that project was put on hold, the interview was cancelled. Now there is a new project in the making, again with Volz and Nyberg, called Season Of Dreams. What happened?

Volz: Yes, the interview was planned with A Taste Of Freedom in mind, but what happened was that our guitarist, NeoGeoFanatic, got busy taking a masterclass in guitar playing and joining the French band ADX. Because of that we decided to put A Taste Of Freedom on hold.

Because of that I asked Johannes if he wanted to make a new project/band. This time even more powerful and symphonic than A Taste Of Freedom. And here we are!

We also needed a guitar player, so we asked Johannes’ Brother, John Nyberg, and he accepted.

So, how did you two first meet?

Nyberg: Jean found me through my friend Pasi Humpi (Freternia). He asked me if I wanted to sing on a A Taste Of Freedom album, and of course I said yes! After a while he asked me if i wanted to start another project with him called Season Of Dreams.

Johannes Nyberg is most known for being the vocalist in Zonata, a band that split-up in 2002 after having released 3 albums.

Did you leave the music scene in 2002, or what have you been up to?

Nyberg: I have been working with other bands, for example Falconer. I’ve also created a musical that have never been released and a lot of metal music that I only have on my computer. I have never stopped making music!

More recently your name have popped up again in various occasions, both as backup singer, but also as the vocalist in Reborn. Why the comeback, if I can call it that?

Nyberg: In January 2018 Pasi asked me if I wanted to join them in a choir session for Freternia’s new album [The Gathering]. After that day I found inspiration to make metal music again and right now I’m in a very creative period in my life. 30 new written songs with Reborn, and 14 songs with Season Of Dreams in less that a year is a proof of that. During this time I’ve also played keyboard on Freternias new album and done choir on the upcoming Crystal Eyes’ upcoming album.

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Let’s get back to the new project Season Of Dreams. There has been one single released, «In The Rubble», and the album is almost done. When can we expect a release?

Nyberg: There is only one guitar solo left, then we are going to look for a label to release the album.

Volz: Yes, the album is complete with 14 songs. I have mixed and mastered the album, and we hope to release it this year. But, as Johannes said; we are looking for a label.

How has the work with the album been like?

Volz: The process of writing for this album was easy. I wrote and recorded the main music; guitars, bass, drums, some keys and lyrics, and then I send it to Johannes who then recorded the vocals and the main keys. He is a pure artist with killing vocals and an amazing keyboardist.

When he was done adding vocals, I mixed the final result and send the complete songs to John to write and record his solos.

Nyberg: It has been lot of fun working with Jean. He sends me backing tracks and lyrics, then I make the melodies and add keyboards. We’ve never met in person, but we feel like we know each other and we have become great friends. The Collaboration works really well, and we understand each other very well despite the language differences.

The music is described as melodic and symphonic; can you tell us some more about what we can expect?

Volz: This is pure power metal! You will also hear som speed and symphonic influences, but the main ingredient is ultra melodic metal.

Nyberg: You can expect a really unique album with a lot of surprises!

Both of you are busy with a lot of different projects; what are the future plans regarding Season Of Dreams?

Volz: We have already started writing the second Season Of Dreams album. And this time Johannes contributes too, so it’s going to be incredible!

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